YouTube – Hoa tau guitar.flv

Cac em nho trieu tien danh dan tuyet voi.
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23 Responses to YouTube – Hoa tau guitar.flv

  1. trong ga says:

    Hay qua tui con chua danh dc

  2. Ng?c Tu?n says:

    i dreaming

  3. julielvillamizar says:

    Wtf! 0_____0 hahaha parece mentira ._. Impresiona

  4. Bo Le says:

    Cant believe !!!!

  5. Nguyên ??ng says:


  6. newmedstudent says:

    these kids were probably molested after the show…

  7. Dung tr?n says:

    oh my god, it’s amazing, i cant say, i just can smile like crazy <3

  8. Anna buitelaar says:

    These kids are not happy…

  9. hoa truong says:


  10. Gianni Sommer says:

    oje, die armen

  11. Karena Yang says:

    Asian kids so many TuT

  12. KiuudeN POWER says:


  13. Sidney Briggs says:

    This actually gave me nightmares for 6 months. This is the creepiest thing

  14. nakorn9695 says:

    This is North Korean kids

  15. deediwidwie says:


  16. sana yong says:


  17. hanna3vena says:


  18. mai giang says:

    only north korean kids are like that.

  19. ??????? ?????????? says:


  20. xuan dan vo says:

    oh my god

  21. Urias de Paula says:

    malditos asiaticos !!!

  22. bagusdilarangmasuk says:

    make me afraid… seriously man.

  23. Dien Truong says:

    cute kute

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