Wild World by Cat Stevens (Guitar Lesson BS-994) How to play

In this guitar lesson video I’ll show you how to play Wild World by Cat Stevens. It’s a beginner lesson but after doing the basic version we look at some of the fills to fancy it up a bit,…
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13 Responses to Wild World by Cat Stevens (Guitar Lesson BS-994) How to play

  1. goomba008 says:

    “It’s an F world” “Hard to get F” “I’ll always be F you” hmmmm?

  2. ? ??? Sc?????????? A????s? ? says:

    You gotta get that beat going *strum, strum* all the time.

    Top notch, Justin. I guess that pretty much sums it up!

    This is getting ridiculous, I dont know how many songs i’ve learned to play
    just by watching your videos thus far…
    A few months ago I couldent play any instrument at all, and now that I got
    going with the beginner steps I really got hooked.

    In a world, where sort of everything has a monetary price I think it’s
    really nice to find so many great, well made and approachable free of
    charge tutorials from people like yourself, who seem to want to give that
    gift to people if possible by uploading this fantastic material to
    streaming services.

    I admire that!
    Great going chap?

  3. freeman Pie says:

    man u sing that song so well moved me.how about a full version sometime.?

  4. James Lin says:

    I’ll always be F u girl. Justin u r the man.. Orz?

  5. Basty Elwood Cobain says:

    What is the little variation that he does with the E chord????

  6. magnus jacobsen says:

    I love to listning to you and i hawe learn a lot from you thanks ?

  7. Mrswhugy says:

    “Ill always F you like a C girl” hahahaha?

  8. Martin Rheaume says:

    ‘eff you in the C girl’?

  9. Alberto Carraro says:

    It s an F world! Ahahaahahah thumbs up for this guys! The best!?

  10. fearthetube says:

    just making sure…thanks.?

  11. Lisa S says:

    rhythmic please ??

  12. Steven Evans says:

    f’ing you like a child girl, lmao!?

  13. Maria Antonietta says:

    F you like a c girl. Hahaha. Your awesome, I loved it. Thanks a lot. ?

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