Van Halen – Eruption Guitar Cover

Facebook : Twitter : “Eruption” solo played by Tina (14 y.o.), taught …
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20 Responses to Van Halen – Eruption Guitar Cover

  1. waterblonk says:

    Give me the tabs and I can do that to?

  2. Charlie'sGayBand says:

    Fuck I’m 14 and I can barely play Thunderstruck XD?

  3. Paul Kawaguchi says:

    How much cost and what brand in your guitar?
    Sounds like 80’s ,I really like it!?

  4. 892guns says:

    nice playing. u play a few of my favourites. if u do a cover of bad company
    by five finger death punch it will make my day. (its my squads “theme”
    song) ?

  5. BigRed says:

    Seriously, this is fucking amazing. ?

  6. Sam Borgman says:

    Wasn’t that faster than vh???

  7. fanboys247 says:

    Soon she’ll outgrow the flashy shallow delirious noodly wanking that is
    Eruption and move on to bigger and better things, I just bet?

  8. ?? ???? says:

    can I marry you.?

  9. Colin Southwood says:

    those 1,000 peeople that disliked this have no sense in music?

  10. owenivor says:

    Eddie Van Halen couldn’t have done it better himself?

  11. colpoinfernaleomicid says:

    Great guitarist but poor guitar, get a Ibanez RG or S series for better

  12. Zakair Sevenfold says:

    She needs to slooooooooooow down!

    Skill? 100% check.
    Technicality? 100% check.
    Accuracy? 99% check.

    What it lacks? Emotion! I wanna hear that baby scream and those chords
    played with POWER.?

  13. MTGameDude says:

    She almost looks bored while she’s doing this, like its too easy for her.
    But this is seriously amazing that she can do this, especially because it
    sounds even a little faster than Van Halen did it himself. The only things
    are that she could use a guitar with better rendition, and I can’t tell if
    that blank face is because its too easy or a lack of emotion and interest
    in her playing. It might be faster because she doesn’t seem to be paying
    attention and loses her tempo a few times. But even though there may be a
    big lack of emotion here, I can’t deny her raw talent for this, and it’s

  14. James Wright says:

    God I luv it when chicks play guitar?

  15. Hailey Brookes says:

    She plays this like it’s nothing.. Dude I just started playing after
    Christmas and I have a Jay Turser electirc.. I get bloody scarred fingers
    just from practicing.. I’d be sitting there for years trying to play
    something like that.?

  16. nixter417 says:

    There seems to be an unusually high proportion of technically proficient,
    attractive female guitarists. Hmmm…. Do talented female guitarists
    naturally have an inclination to be more physically attractive, or are the
    more attractive ones more likely to go viral on YouTube? I’m actually
    curious, because it could go either way.?

  17. David Gómez says:

    You know what? Fuck it, I’m gonna trow my guitar. She is younger than me
    and better. Fuck it, Just Fuck it?

  18. james obrien says:

    the way that if a 14 year old guy did this it would have less than 100k

  19. ZeClassy99 says:

    1k dislikes?!
    Why? ?

  20. TheDSSlayer says:

    if she wasn’t 14…….?

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