Top Gun Anthem (Guitar)

This was a fun soundtrack song. Original composition by Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens. I hope you like! I’ve been receiving requests for the tab. I *thi…
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14 Responses to Top Gun Anthem (Guitar)

  1. Ishan Mareddy says:

    I know the tabs and notes and all but I can’t get the sound can u tell me
    why guitar and amp setting ur using ?

  2. I Am Kriptic says:

    dude awesome! 😀 how difficult would you consider this song? like easy,
    medium, hard or expert? lol GH ;D none the less, awesome!?

  3. zebatov says:

    Should play the part that’s in synth on the guitar as well… At least
    transcribe it.?

  4. 92Flying says:

    do you also play the bass??

  5. megajusso says:


  6. ImEliteGaMerFTW says:

    Dude you are awesome u just got a new sub!!!! :D?

  7. sunpreet sandhu says:

    Absolute legend ladies and gentlemen ?

  8. Max Delly says:

    I’ve seen other videos like this of the same song. You have the best timing
    and bending intonation. ?

  9. Paint With Brett says:

    sweet… begging for tutorial.. especially for 2.30 onwards ;O)?

  10. David Fournier says:

    Nicely done..what EMG’s do you have on your setup??

  11. Thomas Brow says:

    Here’s a better track. I’d like to hear you play to this one.
    Top Gun Anthem Guitar Backing Track?

  12. Dalton Partlow says:

    I played this in Drop D?

  13. Scott Rainbow says:

    Fantastic.Best cover of this on youtube.?

  14. trajanomix says:

    Because I speak english like Tarzan, I can only say…youuuu are the
    fucking Master!!!. Too much.?

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