Top Greatest Guitar Solos In Rock History

Listen the new contest solos with 25 greatest rock solos: Set List: -Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin -Panama – …
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16 Responses to Top Greatest Guitar Solos In Rock History

  1. Slack Jicholson says:

    Can nobody else hear that he’s out of tune??

  2. Paul Francis Goneda says:

    No Jimi Hendrix? ?

  3. Dmitry Owens says:

    Uh, I don’t think that Slash did any cheesy shred-tapping in the “November
    Rain” solo. Other than that, good job.?

  4. Neighborhood Troll says:

    you look dirt poor:(?

  5. d beemer says:

    comfortably numb is the best solo of all time, bar none. ?

  6. vladimir petani says:

    the greatest rubbish solo collection..?

  7. Matt Gergely says:

    C’mon man… no Gilmour???

  8. vaax ll says:

    There isn’t Iron Maiden? Huge shame on you.?

  9. BobbyCrispy says:

    One of my favorite rock guitar solos of all time is from the song “( Make
    Me Do ) Anything You Want” by A Foot in Coldwater….should give it a
    listen to if you get a chance.?

  10. Jimmy Khiangte says:

    why no Malmsteen technique at all. you dont know how to play or what..
    ,lololol//// and no Speed technioque hahaha…?

  11. TheTyler701 says:

    Goofy goober?!? Wheres it at!?

  12. Omaragorn says:

    alter bridge blackbird is better than all the solos here?

  13. Bulgdoom says:

    Best Led Zep solo is Since Ive Been Loving you, Stairway to Heaven is #2?

  14. Godskingdomwithin says:

    You have long fingers like Hendrix! You should get out there and turn the
    world onto you talent.?

  15. Haakon kibsgaard says:

    im just here for freebird, wich seems to not be here:/?

  16. So magical says:

    that pc monitor though :p ?

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