Top 30 greatest and best guitar players of all time

Follow me on twitter!: @Top30music Those guitarists that have changed music with their unique playing.. The order of the list is based on the influence they …
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17 Responses to Top 30 greatest and best guitar players of all time

  1. WACO Glider Man says:

    George Harrison, John Fruciante, nor Prince should be anywhere near this
    list !! WTF is wrong with you????????????

  2. Michael D. says:

    I must have missed Andres Segovia, Chet Atkins and Mark Knoffler.?

  3. David Grimes says:

    Jimi Hendrix is a good guitarist but way too overrated.?

  4. Norman Dale says:

    Very top heavy with rock guitarists most of whom would be honoured to carry
    in the guitar case of the true masters like Segovia, Chet Atkins, Les Paul,
    Doc Watson, Leo Kottke, Norman Blake, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin ,
    Manitas de Plata, Larry Coryell…need I go on??

  5. Ken Skid says:

    Hendrix at #1? LMFAO!?

  6. RattusSwedicus says:

    He did miss Ritchie Blackmoore , Michel Schenker and Uli Roth , in my
    opinion anyway . And why Yngve Malmsten didn´t get better than no. 27.
    Well . . I guess it´s by what terms U judge who´s among the top 30 , is it
    by their technical skills and what they´ve added with new techniques to
    guitar playing , or is it what U feel emotional about their music . . 🙂
    . ?

  7. Senator Hatrack says:

    Chuck Berry is #15? If it hadn’t been for Charles Edward Anderson Berry
    NONE, I repeat NONE, of these guys would have picked up a guitar! Chuck
    Berry created rock & roll!?

  8. Stuart Perry says:

    How the world is Chuck Berry not on this list? Who was more popular and
    famous guitar player of the fifties, sixties, and seventies? I do not know
    all the intricacies of guitar playing but isn’t his act through out the
    years playing catching tunes with a guitar lead.?

  9. Art Kaliel says:

    Johnny Winter..Roy Buchanan..Rory Gallagher….Justin Hayward….Randy
    Rhodes…Billy Gibbons…Keith Richard…?

  10. Caelroigh Blunt says:

    A good list except not in the right order, you added a few that shouldn’t
    be there (John Petrucci, Slash, Angus Young?!?) and left a few off that
    should be there: Buddy Guy, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa. Of course these
    lists are subjective and that’s just my opinion…?

  11. jamiha says:

    Alan Holdsworth
    Danny Gatton
    Jimmy Nolen
    Joe Pass
    Ritchie Blackmore
    Buddy Guy
    Tommy Emmanuel
    Wes Montgomery
    Alex Lifeson
    Jimmy Bryant
    Albert Lee
    John Scofield
    Pat Metheny
    Chet Atkins
    Merle Travis
    Tommy Bolin
    Scott Henderson
    Adrian Belew
    Grant Green
    Scotty Anderson
    Roy Buchanan
    George Benson
    John McLaughlin
    Jimmy Bruno
    Bill Frissell

    …what are they? Orphans??

  12. Atomic Lobotomy says:

    Mike Bloomfield was the greatest white blues guitarist of the
    sixties–hands down! ?

  13. kia kaha says:

    Where’s Hank Marvin, Elmore James is the king of slide guitar, Buddy Holly
    is bloody awesome, it was good to see some Rock n Roll greats and Blues
    Guitarists, but there should be a whole lot more, ?

  14. James Trumper says:

    Any top 30, top 20 or top 10 list that doesn’t have Steve Morse on it is
    nothing more than a popularity contest and most had very little influence
    on music itself but perhaps because of their popularity and memorable licks
    they’re on the list. Slash may have influenced young kids to want to play
    like he does but he certainly didn’t change the face of music like Hendrix,
    or Pete Townsend or Jimmy Page has. George Harrison as a guitarist didn’t
    change music the band themselves as a whole did. He is certainly not one of
    the greatest. That’s like saying Ringo Star is one of the greatest drummers
    of all time.?

  15. Ibis Luzia says:

    Missing on the list, the most creative of all time: Mark Knopfler, Johnny
    Marr and Nile Rogers ?

  16. TheOldiefreak says:

    Missed Tommy Emmanuel, Peter Finger, Leo Kottke, Markus Segschneider.?

  17. jerry maloy says:


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