Tomodachi Life: Real Mii Photo, Slender Love, K.K. Guitar Gameplay Walkthrough PART 23 Nintendo 3DS

Welcome to to Tomodachi Life, the brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS! We live on an island, where your Miis interact together in an apartment building, making friends, fighting, falling in…
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18 Responses to Tomodachi Life: Real Mii Photo, Slender Love, K.K. Guitar Gameplay Walkthrough PART 23 Nintendo 3DS

  1. pokemonpancakes says:

    you are kind of cute are you single?

  2. Savannah Compton says:

    he for got to do the song. But other wise I love it :3?

  3. Owen Thompson says:

    To get princess bubblegums crown back click on edit go on eyebrows and
    change them to blonde?

  4. Decxstin Aplex says:

    You look so tired XD?

  5. Shockine says:

    WHAT!? He saw my comment? 🙂 plsbetrue?

  6. N K says:

    you know you can give k.k. the dog suit and then take clothes part off and
    just have ears?

  7. Robert Huse says:

    Give Slenderman the Rain interior?

  8. DevCatGames says:

    Anyone know the episode where he shows the QR codes I want to add him to my
    town :D?

  9. Brodie The Gaming Guy says:

    you look like the guy from futurama sorta in my opinion ?

  10. Dany Spyro says:

    We finally see a picture of you in real life for the first time?

  11. Minecraftman361- Home to all Creepers - says:

    make the doctor and give him the fez!?

  12. lulzme101 says:


  13. Reagan McMahan says:


  14. Alex Stripling says:


  15. berryislands says:

    You should have pressed “go for it!” for marcy and Garfield?

  16. Rue Forrest says:

    I now have to ship Slenderman and Rosalina.?

  17. Nate Jaffe says:

    Whats your friend code so I can friend you
    and you should do private Skype and oovoo calls itz a really good idea I
    know I would love to have a conversation with you?

  18. Jack McFarland says:

    2nd COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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