This is Why You Suck at Guitar, Lesson 3: Your Power Chords Suck

I’m back again with some more handy tips and secrets to make your guitar playing suck less! I know your weird uncle taught you everything he knew about playi…

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13 Responses to This is Why You Suck at Guitar, Lesson 3: Your Power Chords Suck

  1. Frater Tenc says:

    Like the dry humour. After playing from now.. 16 to 26, but I haven’t
    really progressed much since the 5th year of playing sadly. Then again, I’m
    juggling guitar with playing piano as my main instrument.. I’ve always
    shunned formal lessons though. Is there much point in them when you’ve got
    access to videos like this, can read tabs, and understand most shit??

  2. Lucas G. de Faria says:

    I understand your technique, but what about those harmonics ringing out as
    well? I think controling the picking hand is also important at least til a
    commom sense level xD?

  3. Kevin M says:

    couldn’t agree more about the grip. I just did it naturally at some point,
    but this will help speed up some of the new people.?

  4. Sam Squanch says:

    I shattered my left wrist. I play right handed. And when I play power
    chords I have to give it breaks and shake the pain out. Damn it.?

  5. Hank Hill says:

    +Colt Baker Here’s some good powerchord tips and tutorials
    I’ve been good at those for a long time, but I found this last year and I
    found that even I was doing things in a way that could have made it much

  6. Frater Tenc says:

    Btw are your cheeks usually rosy, and were moreso when you were younger?
    It’s keratosis pilaris rubra faceii.. yeah, no joke.?

  7. KatieCannotFly says:

    These videos are amazing! Thank you so much m/?

  8. cMaXeJIJIo says:

    Heh, I have kinda always concentrated on what I’m playing with the right
    hand and always wondered why some dudes play power chords as if they’re
    barre chords!?

  9. Maria Cheska says:

    you’re awesome!!! subscribed 😉 we have battle of the bands which is just
    a few weeks away and can you make a video on how to wow the crowd with some
    great but easy guitar techniques? pretty please with a gibson les paul on
    top ?

  10. Sam Patterson says:

    Damn that’s a good lesson! You just made me a better teacher! Thanks man!
    When the kids are learning the power chords at first it’s tough to know
    when to square them away on left hand control! ?

  11. Ryan Garcia says:

    “So you wanna play power chords with the root note on the D string.. It’s
    kinda dumb but whatever” LOL?

  12. TheBlazearrow says:

    Even though I already knew how to play power chords perfectly I still
    decided to watch because of the title. Lol.?

  13. Johnny Rohlf says:

    I disagree with a lot of this. I like the in depth approach, but the
    technique seems a tad sloppy. I think the palm should be on the guitar, but
    you should roll your palm into a c shape so it surrounds your guitar
    allowing better grip while your fingers tend to fit right in place. That
    also allows the thumb to mute the E string when necessary so you don’t risk
    muting or barring because you’re using your middle finger?

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