The Spanish Guitar in the Renaissance and Baroque,Moreno

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24 Responses to The Spanish Guitar in the Renaissance and Baroque,Moreno

  1. Xuan Valdés says:

    Es música eminentemente melancólica para vihuela, aunque de forma genérica
    la denominen “guitarra”, ya que es un instrumento de la misma familia.
    Mejor escucharla un día gris o en una fría puesta de sol de invierno.
    Busquen, de la época, a Narváez, Valderrábano, Luis de Milán, Cabezón…
    Ésa era la triste y severa Castilla que mostraba contenida su pulso, nada
    que ver con el dicharacheo sureño que devino en flamenco?

  2. Tracie Behmlander says:


  3. Owen Ent says:

    Good to listen to whilst writing essays/dissertations ?

  4. ??????? ????????? ???????? says:

    The spanish guitar melody reminds me of the golden times of Spain, I can
    listening to it all day without getting jaded.?

  5. Sant Johan says:

    Bonjour à Tous !
    Ce matin le ciel est gris !
    Il a du pleuvoir un peu cette nuit car les feuilles des arbres sont toutes
    décorées de petites perles cristallines !Les oiseaux vont ainsi pouvoir
    boire !?

  6. alan cameron says:

    calming and relaxing- thank you.?

  7. José Ramón Ballesteros de Diego says:

    La guitarra española en el Renacimiento y el Barroco.

    #MisMúsicasFavoritas #Músicas #Música #MúsicaAntigua #MúsicaRenacentista

  8. Orlando Ferrand says:

    You can tell this music has been composed and played under the spell of
    love. I’m one with the strings… ?

  9. Gustavo Saavedra says:


  10. Brad Linzy says:

    This is exquisite. ?

  11. kari ode says:

    I find this very calm, relaxinding, vivid. Love to have this Music floating
    around in my house. Give Peace, beauty, and New energies!?

  12. Rocco Dandrea says:

    I’m doing research into the history of the classical guitar, at this time I
    thought there was no spanish guitar, and the guitar shown in the painting
    looks like the guitar brought from France or Italy, can you verify this for
    me. Thanks Rocco.?

  13. PastaAndPavarotti says:

    So many many rolled chords. It becomes annoying with polyphonic music. The
    music is well played and charming.?

  14. Drew Cain says:

    love it?

  15. Jason Fox says:

    Thanks Gabriel for a great resource. ?

  16. Gustavo Ridel Perez Colman says:

    quise decir Luis de Narvaez, no De Visee?

  17. Jorge Alberto Lara Sánchez says:

    ¡! ¡Delicia!

  18. amisamiamiam says:

    use the amazon link above and it will show u

  19. Obsidian One says:

    simply beautiful.. thank you for this

  20. Ria Brezova says:

    Excellent !!! Thank you for uploading, great work !

  21. jongleurette says:

    Thanks for uploading this.

  22. sahin cene says:

    what is the name of 0:23:57 song?

  23. paul chaffee says:

    really? Apparently you’re not at all familiar with standard recording
    rights, nor with how rights of written works do not continue into
    perpetuity. You ought to seek common information before bellowing
    falsehoods in all-caps.

  24. SweiszMcDabs says:

    Who did the painting and what is it called? It is marvellous. I do not
    really know how to feel about this music, but I shed a tear. No wonder the
    renaissance painter were so brilliant. This music is amazing fuel for work.

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