The Joy of the Guitar Riff – My Bloody Valentine / Kevin Shields

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13 Responses to The Joy of the Guitar Riff – My Bloody Valentine / Kevin Shields

  1. henry landivar says:

    Oh fuck you Butch Vig!!!! You ripped off an insane amount of shoegazer
    bands and repackaged it for American consumption. The pinnacle of this was
    the work with Garbage. Does curve ring a bell.?

  2. Ryan Denziloe says:


  3. Cyrus Budd says:

    infinite horizon……?

  4. BeTheDeathOfMe says:

    “With his uh. With his wangy bar”

    Well done butch.?

  5. maniq minah says:

    “whangy bar”?

  6. Rosteam2000 says:

    Watch until the very last second and you’ll see booty…?

  7. Adam Parker says:

    Saw MBV in Melbourne in 1991 at Prince of Wales on the Loveless tour. Woah.
    So damn loud the best place to hear them was outside the building. They
    also had a flute player to flesh the tone out… I’ve never seen so many
    fat spliffs criss-crossing an audience in my life.?

  8. CHRIS B. says:

    Loveless was easily one of the most incredible albums of its time – there
    was nothing like it…. however…..its clear that MBV is best appreciated
    in a studio. Live, they are an insanely loud, poorly mixed mess. ?

  9. bob f says:


  10. Rodrigo Melo says:

    Just wish this was longer! Honestly can’t believe so many other boring
    guitar players have huge videos talking about how they play and Kevin only
    has 2 minutes…?

  11. Thomas Kirby says:

    Best heard live with industrial hearing protection. Seriously.?

  12. Rnickey Lidack says:

    A mermaid falling into a black hole.?

  13. Sonicsnout says:

    Seven hundred and seventy seven likes. Zero dislikes. I want to like
    this, but that is so fucking perfect, I just have to leave it. 7774MBV?

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