The Devil Went Down to Georgia 100% Guitar Hero 3 1st FC

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to The Devil Went Down to Georgia 100% Guitar Hero 3 1st FC

  1. Shizune Hakamichi says:

    They should bring back Guitar Hero. Everyone would love it and Activision
    knows it would bring in a shit ton of money if they do it right.?

  2. Loke L. says:

    People see someone do something amazing and say its fake. Why not go to his
    house and watch him play it? He wants to show videos of his accomplishment.
    Yet it makes other people jealous and they wish they can be like him and
    hate. People also say “Oh he should buy a real guitar”, What if he doesn’t
    want to? There are already many guitarists out in the world. To me, this
    guy is awesome, I can barely play on the GH guitar, I play real guitar and
    can do fine, but I suck at playing on the GH guitar ?

  3. Vekemake says:

    I beated Devil went down to georgia On Ps2 Dualshock (controller). And the
    all songs in career mode in every difficult.
    Its easy for me to play with controller.
    Google it if you dont believe you can play gh with Dualshock.
    I finished it on Expert, Hard, Medium and Easy mode.
    Controller buttons in gh3 :
    Green = L2
    Red = L1
    Yellow = R1
    Blue = R2
    Orange = X
    Starpower = Select, or arrows up, down, left, right.
    It should work with ps2. Im not sure about ps3.?

  4. webmaster657 says:

    This is arguably the hardest boss battle in gaming history, well, not
    really the boss battle, just the song in general. Every time I play this
    song I come out in sweats, shaky arms, and my fingers and arms are sore.
    Fucking love it.

    Just an edit, I’m getting better and the only thing is just a few cramps in
    my hand my and my wrist is sore after playing this, though my wrist was
    already a little sore from carpal tunnel already.?

  5. Maxstar22 says:

    Yo dude,
    I love Guitar Hero, I mean, I can play all songs on expert at like 97-100%
    except this and through the fire and the flames and cliffs of dover and
    that other shit before that, and, dude I gotta say,
    I have never experienced a power level like this before.
    It’s unlike anything I’ve ever sensed…
    I mean, Expert songs are songs that are difficult, but, those 4 songs, are
    like, uber difficulty, made not to get beaten, instead feature pure walls
    of notes where you have to be a mad wizard to get them all…
    The songs themselves are extremely shitty, notes are made up, make no sense
    and don’t fit in whatsoever, but seriously dude, that was fucking intense.
    Your left hand must hurt like a shitface.
    Beating those 4 songs requires a power level of far beyond 9000 and a hand
    made of something other than muscle and flesh, instead just wiggly fingers
    that tap on the notes as if speed doesn’t matter.
    Damn I’m high, but this performance is damn amazing. Come to think that I
    was proud of myself getting 100% on expert on a normal song like “when you
    were young”, but dude, you also gotta do something other than being
    uber-extreme at rhythm gaming and this song.

  6. Electro "Angel" Shoc says:

    Wow!!! There’s no way I would’ve beaten Guitar Hero 3 on expert mode. I
    barely beat the game on hard mode. ?

  7. TheCrimsonKillers says:

    it sounds like a horse running?

  8. Roman TM says:

    For all who think this is a bot and the guitar isn’t on:
    His brother is currently Guinness World Records for Guitar Hero. ?

  9. Eric Chu says:

    Fun game to play
    shift=star power
    / or ?=whammy bar (that metal rod thing you shake when playing long notes)
    Try to use those controls to attempt to play how many notes you can play.?

  10. Ryan Scheffert says:

    I can play on both Xbox 360 controller and guitar. But i can’t use my
    guitar bc i broke the strum bar trying to play ttfaf on expert xD. It was
    an old guitar though.?

  11. dakota lawley says:

    I wonder if he is playing on both expert and hyper speed because when I was
    learning to play it I used the hyper speed cheat and have been playing with
    it on ever since?

  12. GoldenAppleMC | Minecraft & Other Games says:

    FC? what does that mean. ?

  13. riccardo bistolfi says:

    the last girl he fingered, died.?

  14. SK215Gaming says:

    trying to be a rockstar mate get yourself a real guitar?

  15. Matthew Mendiola says:

    I remember when I first played this game, when I was much younger and much
    swifter with my fingers, and I tried playing this song, I almost broke my
    fingers. I guess it’s a good thing I failed early when I tried it,
    otherwise I’d have broken fingers??

  16. alucardfu2 says:

    i miss both this game and my guitar that my rage got the better of

    maybe the devil got my soul because i lost my pride :/?

  17. esteban chavez says:

    Legend sey if he fingers your girlfriend you would lose her faster than one
    of his fingers?

  18. Felipe Santos says:

    4:15 I thought this was impossible?

  19. TheSarahkitten42 says:

    Sweet Jesus in Heaven above. And I thought Through the Fire and the Flames
    was near impossible.?

  20. JellyBeanJerd says:

    It sounds like a majestic hoarse cutting off the nipples off of humanity
    and destroying everything in it’s path on it’s way through infinite
    dimensions of death and suffering and forcefully raping my ears with this
    sound this guy can make on a guitar hero guitar?

  21. Charles Freeman says:

    This dude should buy a real guitar?

  22. TheGow1pro says:

    His guitar sounds like galloping horse.?

  23. kevin wyatt says:

    Awesome job Danny!!?

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