The A Team – Ed Sheeran – Fingerstyle Guitar lesson & Tutorial Tabs

Free full Tabs and the rest of the tutorial, Link below! Watch my full play through here Get…

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16 Responses to The A Team – Ed Sheeran – Fingerstyle Guitar lesson & Tutorial Tabs

  1. Gareth Evans says:

    The full 1hr 12 minute lesson Plus TABS for The A Team by Ed Sheeran are
    now available from my website here

    Thanks for helping me reach 1000 likes on part 1. Your awesomeness is


  2. Gareth Evans says:

    My fingerstyle Tutorial for The A Team by +Ed Sheeran is finally here!
    Please enjoy this lesson and don’t forget to click like because it helps me
    out loads!

    Access to part 2 & the tabs will be unlocked once it gets 1,000 likes. If
    you can’t wait that long then visit for an
    early access pass

    Have fun!?

  3. Dave Denney says:

    Gareth Evans you are the best!! Whenever I want to learn a song , every
    single time you have had a tutorial for it! Thanks so much!!?

  4. Conner Stent says:

    REQUEST !!! please please please do a lesson on Listen to your heart by
    Roxette i would love you forever 🙂 🙂 🙂 P.S thank you for all the lessons
    so far you a legend !?

  5. Enrique Gonzalez says:

    If someone asks me “How did you learn to play guitar?” Mi answer will be:
    Gareth Evans taught me.
    Thank you, men. Your awesome ;)?

  6. jakejakejakekk says:

    Liked and subscribed, nice channel! ?

  7. David Castañeda says:

    Awesome dude, I like so much your videos!!!?

  8. Gorilla1080p says:

    Liked, Commented and Subscribed! Great video and channel man … Thumbs up
    😉 :D?

  9. Khaled Hammoud says:

    thank you Gareth awesome as always…easily learnable and sounds great,
    really thank you :)?

  10. Chris Schmitt says:

    Gareth thanks for the help. I’m just having trouble with bars 45,46,53,54.
    I was wondering if you had any tips for this because I can do it without
    slaps but it sounds bad.?

  11. Andrew Foy says:

    That strum on the upbeat again. Best thing I learned from u so far. Another
    great tutorial.?

  12. Ryan says:

    Dude I really love you for making everything free, I will be donating when
    I can.?

  13. søren Lund says:

    can you do a tutorial for small bump :D??

  14. schmiddy1998 says:

    could you please do a tutorial on how to plat little lady by ed sheeran,
    it’s like the A-team but i think it has a combination of picking and
    strumming ?

  15. Platewarp says:

    Great job buddy!?

  16. Julie Edrich says:

    that’s amazing :)?

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