Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (Boyce Avenue piano acoustic cover) on iTunes

US/Can/Europe/Australia Tour 2011: BoyceAvenue.com iTunes: iTunes.com For tour Meet & Greet VIP Packages click here: USA: packages.artistarena.com UK: www.artistarena.uk.com EU: www.artistarena.eu.com Mailing List (sign up for first ticket announcements and other updates) BoyceAvenue.com Amazon: www.amazon.com Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue piano acoustic version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” Audio: Produced by Alejandro Manzano & Daniel Manzano Arrangement & Additional Lyrics by Alejandro Recorded & Engineered by Adam Barber Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber, Alejandro & Daniel Video: Produced & Directed by Daniel & Alejandro Lighting by Casey Brooke Lawson Editing/Coloring by Owen LeVelle Filmed & Recorded at IBK Studios, Orlando, FL www.facebook.com Facebook facebook.com Twitter twitter.com YouTube youtube.com (Music Channel) youtube.com (Vlog Channel) Official Site boyceavenue.com Piano Part (will work for guitar too)(Key of D) I come up with all the arrangements and usually write new parts for all of our covers, especially when on the piano, so there is no sheet music 🙁 Here are the main chords, hope this helps! 😉 ~Alejandro Manzano~ Verse: (D for first part of 1st verse) GA Pre-Chorus: GAGA GA Bm A/C# Chorus: GAGA GA Bm D Bridge: GA Bm F#m Breakdown: GA Bm A/C# G Bm A Have fun everyone! 😉

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