Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Easy Beginners How To Play Guitar Lessons

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19 Responses to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Easy Beginners How To Play Guitar Lessons

  1. posting id says:

    <----- *SUBSCRIBED* Thanks for the video!?

  2. S Gil says:

    Awww! That’s a cool guitar! Where did you get that guitar, and how much was

  3. Andranik Balyan says:

    where the fuck is the pickup? ?

  4. lethal saints says:

    check out guitardoctor for some different songs?

  5. tony baloney says:

    Your a good teacher . Thanks?

  6. Tom Szafranski says:

    These are very good lessons. Thanks.?

  7. Jyxed Editor says:

    Are these 100% Free lessons or does anyone know where to find some? I want
    to get a lot better at guitar and I don’t have the money for lessons right

  8. Bluegrass Mojo says:

    Great video mate, thanks for showing the fills! be-swell?

  9. giorgio adams says:

    thank you?

  10. kostis orfanidis says:

    where are the pickups lol??????

  11. C. Eddy says:

    Hey, really great – can you show how to play i feel good (james brown)???

  12. Baldvamp says:

    anyone else thinks he looks like shermanator??

  13. gibran toledo says:

    shaggy!!!!!!!!!! scoobyyy doooo donde estaaaaaaaaas.?

  14. Marceau Emery says:

    génial !!!!?

  15. Luc Garcia says:

    Can you do a lesson on until you suffer some by Poison??

  16. Tim Threlkeld says:

    I saw skynyrd play this live?

  17. Bensidhe says:

    Whats the tuning on this ? ?

  18. Rd B says:

    You are a very enterprising young man and know your stuff. Thank you for
    sharing your talent.?

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