Sweet Child o’ Mine Guitar Lesson – part 1 of 8

Sweet Child o' Mine Guitar Lesson - part 1 of 8

Part 2 : http://www.malero-guitare.fr/courses/studies/sweet-child-o-mine/ This is my guitar tutorial of the song “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, check out my website for the next parts,…
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23 Responses to Sweet Child o’ Mine Guitar Lesson – part 1 of 8

  1. Will Carlier says:

    Nice cover !?

  2. Musyrif Irfan says:

    Thanks!! You’ve helped me a lot!! Subscribed….?

  3. Antonello Forni says:

    Sono quasi pronto ad imparare questo suicidio qua…?

  4. Hasan Fu says:

    Luar byasa
    Salam indonesia raya?

  5. Cesar Vialpando says:

    subscribed thanks?

  6. Muhammad nico says:

    nice from guitar ?

  7. Arthur Macias says:

    one problem on this you don’t say what fret u are playing no bueno por
    caca ?

  8. April Pittita says:

    Sweet Child o’ Mine guitar – Lesson part 1 of 8?

  9. ki gono heri says:


  10. muhammad rahmansyah says:

    belajar …. :D?

  11. dave reyes says:

    Great!!! it helps alot!!!?

  12. Suinama bagoez says:

    I Like?

  13. padil speednet says:
  14. bima wayan says:

    damn this is the most awesome thing in the world, subsribed !!!?

  15. joko irawan says:

    klo video nih saya mau simpan di android file atau di notebook gmn caranya?

  16. Surya Noru says:

    I like it.. no explain, but just how to play it…?

  17. Allen Maguad says:

    Hey is this standard tuning ??

  18. Aris laia says:

    kreeennn bro?

  19. ki gono heri says:


  20. Andre Yohanes says:

    give the bass tabs 😀 im liking it good job :)?

  21. Romasay Bakkara says:

    A very good tutorial and i”m subscribing :)?

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