Street Guitar Player Makes $40.00 Every Hour!

Cali Faces – Luis talks about what it is like playing his guitar outside the CVS store for money. See more online WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:…
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18 Responses to Street Guitar Player Makes $40.00 Every Hour!

  1. edragerful says:

    I hate people that criticize him when half these people can’t play any
    instrument. I’m learning the guitar right now. This guy is pretty good?


    Well its actually good for someone who learned himself…?

  3. TXISwift says:

    Cool, you can play basic chords. What’s so special about this guy??

  4. GhoulH8r says:

    I see all these comments that say, “this guy should be recognized,” ” he
    should be someone.” All I can think is when I see these comments is, “you
    don’t get recognized on the street it just won’t happen.” You have to
    preform; local bars, open mics, and other events. You just don’t get
    recognized on the street, you have to go out and search for recognition it
    doesn’t just fall in your lap, especially if you can’t sing or your not
    that great at guitar.

    I grew up knowing this guy who had an every day job, worked 9-5, and never
    got any where playing guitar. This man could play any song, and any genre
    you throw at him. But, he could never play in front of a major crowd. He
    could have been a studio player, someone who doesn’t play in front of a
    crowd; just for records. But, he never got any where because he thought his
    day to day job was more important, and he didn’t have time to pursue such a
    goal, and that goal was never going to find him.

    The moral of the story here is, if you want to make it in music don’t play
    on the street corner for change people don’t want. Go out and find every
    open mic you can and you might get some where, and you might get a gig at
    another bar some where. But, you won’t get that playing on the street
    during the day as an excuse not to work. So get out there, call around,
    find the nearest open mic, and play.

    P.S. This guy is average at best, and not playing anything difficult. I’ll
    be honest this guy won’t go any where with his playing anytime soon. Unless
    he can learn to sing and write original songs, he just won’t get any where.


  5. Michael Inglis says:

    I’ve played guitar since I was 13 I’m 24 now, I taught myself everything I
    know with books from music stores and online scale/mode charts. I’m
    currently teaching myself music theory. I’m good enough that I can teach
    myself any song I want. I also write my own stuff. This guy is not very
    good. As one person said he is out of tune. But, I still don’t have the
    confidence to go out and randomly sing unless I have friends with me. So
    yes he is not great yet, but I’d listen to him and give him my change for
    playing and singing the little he does know with everything he’s got. One
    day when he is able to play like me it won’t be wasted being to shy to just
    sing for whoever wants to listen. Lol I’m very confident about everything
    else in my life and playing guitar alone without singing but no matter how
    good I get I’m nervous singing around people I don’t know. Ive played and
    sang 3 songs in front of 600+ people unrehearsed and loved it but was
    shaking inside like a leaf. But once I was done I felt invincible. Good for
    him for just giving it what he’s got good or bad.?

  6. Sammy Bones says:

    I heard that between 2 and 3pm he only makes $38 an hour.
    I wonder if I could make $40 an hour on the street by fixing guitars since
    I am a guitar tech??

  7. Kaung Zin Hein says:

    He’s making money by playing the most basic chords. What’s wrong with
    people that are saying he’s good! Him playing guitar to make money is good.
    But people that are saying he’s good is really bothering ?

  8. Robert Hurt says:

    I think there should be more street performers around the country. I find
    it very entertaining and think there are too many talented people who
    struggle and never get recognized. I hate the pop culture who try to cram a
    pretty face or extravagant appearances. They take away from the music and
    cheat a lot of really gifted artists.?

  9. stian dovahkiin says:

    the comments in this video is just a pile of ignorant shit. “i play the
    guitar, hes not that good, i could beat him!” “oh yeah, i think you are
    full of shit, i can beat you!” i play guitar amongst some other instruments
    and i have done it all my life. what is worth pointing out is that im not
    the best at all. give me some time and i can probably learn a random
    difficult song that you trow at me but im not the best. but im also not the
    worst. this guy doesnt play super good in this video. but that does not
    mean that he cant play more technical stuff. but to be honest, i listened
    for 2sec and then i turned it off because i can’t stand untuned guitars and
    im kind of a dick. but its a instrument and learning is a journey and you
    just have to start somewhere. and as time goes by will probably get better
    and better. life is not a biggest dick contest so if you are better at
    something then someone else then i think its your job to encourage him/her
    and tell Him/her that He/she is getting there. but if you’re one of those
    that cant do that, then its best that you shout your face. keep on playing
    guitar foks! :-)?

  10. john johnson says:

    I love street musicians!!! They bring the town to life. He does look a
    little high though, not passing judgment just an observation I’m sure he is
    just tired. An If you have never played music public it is the best
    feeling, especially when people come up and talk to you like the woman in
    the video It makes you feel like people really appreciate your music. I bet
    she made his day!!!?

  11. Andrew Williams says:

    I think he’ll make more doing this than by going to finish his college.
    Really, he’s decent.?

  12. Coleman Adamson says:

    I would run away from that face too. All full of metal and scary
    looking. If he wants to be a scary ghoul he can but don’t assault my
    senses by being right in front of the store I wish to patronize. This is
    not a ghoul concert. This is a public area. First rule of performance,
    don’t insult or attack your audience. Look nice.?

  13. Rui Martins says:

    Even if he does $40.00 every hour it should never be told here as people
    may even stop tipping for some stupid reason. Let him be and if you feel
    you can give him a job please do but avoid making him some sort of target
    to less sensitive people.?

  14. Bradley Casteel says:

    the management?

  15. TheNeonRabbit says:

    No street buskers make $40 per hour. I did it for years. You might make
    $40 in one particular hour, but that’s a rarity. You’ll generally do
    better than working at McDonald’s, but that’s not saying much. You also
    have to deal with the weather, the cops, rude people, etc. etc.?

  16. TheHeadincharge says:

    Soul and passion > talent when it comes to non-classical music. Talent is
    still important, but if someone is playing because they love it, it’s hard
    not to be happy if you’re a musician.?

  17. ShadowSurfer says:

    People who are hating, i think playing the guitar is better than being a

  18. Ramsey5349 says:

    Let me play you the song of my people…. G,C,D and E chords – :/ Wow.?

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