Steve Vai “How to be Successful” Private Sessions Guitar Center

Steve answers questions related to success in the music industry at his Private Sessions Event at Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. The audience included 10 co…

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20 Responses to Steve Vai “How to be Successful” Private Sessions Guitar Center

  1. Daniel F says:

    in his 10 hour practice article, he says to play things that are awkward
    for you (your weaknesses) over and over, until you can play them
    flawlessly. here he says ignore your weaknesses. i think he meant be unique
    in your playing, and dont try and do something out of character. like a
    classical guitarist, for example-Segovia would never have played like
    Hendrix, but he didn’t need to, because his genius was already manifested
    in his own style and art. ?

  2. GeorgeBonez says:

    Everything that Steve told you in regards to getting your music out there
    in the music business is –> horse-shit and even he knows it as he is
    saying it!
    Sure it all sounds nice coming from him and all but he knows that the
    dynasties have this game all locked up and unless somebody like him lets
    you in the door, your ass ain’t going NO WHERE!
    Now he’s getting old and closer to the Judgment day maybe he will make a
    more honest vid and tell the truth!
    At least he was honest when he said that “he never worked a day in his
    life” and “never struggled”!?

  3. cMaXeJIJIo says:

    Great advice.

    Ibanez is still shit xD?

  4. Victor Aldo Gonzalez says:

    What’s the name of the song??

  5. New Guitars For Sale says:

    *Steve Vai “How to be Successful” Private Sessions Guitar Center*
    Some awesome Steve Vai advice!

    #stevevai #guitarcenter #interview #lesson #lifelessons ?

  6. Shawn ONeill says:

    158+ people are retarded?

  7. Anan Lama says:


  8. CORE X says:

    2:59 You can try that on a clitoris. If you don’t become successful at
    least you’ll make your woman happy.?

  9. 8triagrammer says:

    Great advice for anything in life, not just guitar or music… ?

  10. RumsyDumsy says:

    Cultivate your strengths and forget about your weaknesses… That is how
    you become a nerd.
    You should try to both get rid of your weaknesses and cultivate your
    strengths to become a well rounded person.
    But I guess I am wrong and Steve is right, because he has a lot of money
    and I don’t, right, my American friends??

  11. SyncThird says:

    i dont wanna be successful, i wanna have fun. ….maybe thats why I suck?

  12. Christian Botello says:

    Thank you +SteveVaiHimself .?

  13. Jesse Martin says:

    Every time he plays, the guitar sounds like a little fantasy creature
    roaming around. It’s so strange yet awesome!?

  14. qwertyuiopsdfgh says:

    This guy is a complete cheeseball.?

  15. Phoenix72ece says:

    today I thought: “you have to learn the guitar” but then I corrected
    myself: “you want to play because it makes you happy” … so I practiced
    for two hours “I´m the hell outta here” from Steve Vai” and now I´m on a
    new level.?

  16. tres herrmann says:

    what song is he playing?

  17. Christophe Gebhardt says:

    Une belle et grande leçon du touché !?

  18. Leonardo González says:

    Thank you very much Steve Vai?

  19. Akeil Williams says:

    That sounds amazing.?

  20. Brett Fairchild says:

    I love Steve’s advice on when to find practice time. He knows the
    complaint, you have no free time; therefore, he recommends finding freetime
    to practice hahaha?

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