Stairway To Heaven #1of6 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-314) How to play

Learn to play the all time guitar classic Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. All parts (including the solo) fully explained by Justin Sandercoe. Find the re…
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16 Responses to Stairway To Heaven #1of6 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-314) How to play

  1. Aravind Babu says:

    First time i’m seeing him without his hat…?

  2. Martyn Stubbs says:

    Stop talking and get on with it!!?

  3. Devin Caron says:

    To hard for me I don’t have the skills or patience for this… I think I’m
    gonna sell my Guitar

  4. TabbyWabby says:

    Really struggling to do bar chords. Fingers arent fat enough ?

  5. Ayush Sinha says:

    Just got an electric, much easier on that :DDD?

  6. The Leeb says:

    Justin, you are a ledgend?

  7. Virashan Nathan says:

    where is the tab of this version??

  8. AJC3577 says:

    Hey Justin,
    I wanted to ask you if you could do an acoustic version of ” Carry on my
    wayward son” By Kansas? ?

  9. Mirko Bravo says:


  10. agosfc says:

    An old vid but amazing.?

  11. Rickyfromphilly says:

    Justin, thanks for all the great lessons.
    Since I learned this song completely by ear, I think I neglected a few
    subtle nuances that I’m hoping to pick up from you. ?

  12. Leo Chapa says:

    Thank you so much this is one of my favorite songs, all about classic, very
    good on the tutorial you just got a new subscriber?

  13. Daryl Gayle Cheng says:

    you got thin but still handsome and lesson was the best!?

  14. EDWIN kryshak says:

    Thank you the way you teach is easy to follow and understand thanks?

  15. dbltrplx says:

    Really? How about just picking it off the record note for note? Really no
    right version? Who the fk are you? Jimmy Page? ?

  16. Iceland Joe says:

    awesome …thank you?

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