Spanish Guitar – Best Hits Vol.2 – Part 2

Spanish Guitar – Best Hits Vol.2 – Part 2 NOTE: I do not own any of the music or video that is used in this production. I am not making a profit out of this …

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24 Responses to Spanish Guitar – Best Hits Vol.2 – Part 2

  1. Carmen Luzón T says:
  2. Slick Scofield says:

    Names of 14:00 and 24:06 ?? ?

  3. Germanic 8 Ball says:

    Moi Bien?

  4. Margaret Newman says:

    Spanish Guitar Music Best Hits part 2 Vol 2?

  5. lucia lofaro says:


  6. Van Do says:

    amazing !?

  7. jonathan leveratto says:

    Cancion al minuto5:07?

  8. Aldwin Reinarch says:

    Is there anyway to purchase the album or see a full track list??

  9. Van Do says:

    *TUY?T V?I* >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  10. Guy Lafortune says:
  11. Hadz Ahmed says:

    does any one know what the music starting at 13:45 is called?????

  12. d talmood says:

    what is 27:37?, 19:30??

  13. Željko Dugali? says:

    very very good?

  14. Jeff Henrix says:

    what in the world is 51:24?????

  15. Michelle Black says:

    What is the 2nd song – track from 4:56 to 10:00? It’s amazing, romantic,
    enchanting & mesmerizZzing! I’ll be listening to this forever…..thank
    you so much for sharing!!?

  16. sasha sephora 925 says:

    What is the song at 32:24, please, anyone? And the first song too… :)))?

  17. ArtSascha says:

    I absolutely adore your work ? ??

  18. CartoonFreak104 says:

    5:36 <3?

  19. Imhissweetestsin says:

    Nice but no near as nice as Vol.2 Part 1 Would love to be able to play
    Spanish guitar. ?

  20. Alex Mendez says:

    This music describes very well the passion that we have in spanish.?

  21. Felix Wolfgang says:

    I couldn’t find this album for purchase anywhere on the internet. Does
    anyone know where I can find it??

  22. beqa bichnigauri says:


  23. Marvin Richardson says:

    Spanish music is the most beautiful.?

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