Soundgarden At: Guitar Center

Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the pivotal album that seemingly changed alternative rock, the guys from Soundgarden gave us an intimate look into the…

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17 Responses to Soundgarden At: Guitar Center

  1. MethadoneRadio says:

    In my favourite albums ever list, at least two are Soundgarden albums
    [“Louder Than Love” and “Superunknown”…] Those guys are one of the
    greatest bands of the last 25 years, along with Dinosaur Jr., Tool and few

  2. VlaDuZa says:

    I have a lot of respect to all of them, you can tell they are very
    professional and original and aren’t afraid to experience. They are
    definitely not usual musicians and nobody sounds like them. Their music is
    intelligent and has depth. Plus they all have great musical theory
    knowledge and insane vocalist and drummer. My only problem with them, is
    that always just appreciated them, but was never able to connect to most
    of their music except for a few songs from Superuknown and maybe 2 songs
    from Bad Motorfinger and even those songs are far from my favorite. I
    always feel that their music doesn’t have a hook, or prime moments, like
    it’s pointless and going nowhere. They never created music that got me
    excited or feel anything. And it’s not just their compositions, it’s also
    the tone and sound they pick for their guitars, it’s so confusing and
    abstract. On the one hand they are considered to be grunge and even heavy
    metal at some point but their guitars are always just so blurry sounding
    with very little distortion, making it a “not here nor there” sound. I
    mean, 4:08 – 4:24 sounds like a complete mess to me, very unsolid and
    unclear. Maybe it’s just their thing and I can’t understand it yet, I don’t
    know. ?

  3. Air Zeus says:

    0:15 – All I heard was “fuck Jimi Hendrix”?

  4. Tyler Melton says:

    Anyone else have trouble with what the heck Ben Shepherd is saying??

  5. elizabeth v cherry says:

    Chris cornell #1 singer of the 90s and now,but dude you look like you have
    either a nasty sunburn or serious high blood pressure,have it checked.?

  6. Luis Valdivia says:

    don ramon!?

  7. MAS7ERCHIEF456 says:

    What is he playing at 1:57??

  8. Tyler Melton says:

    @MrBrownstone I meant to say hearing him. ?

  9. John Prescott says:

    A truly timeless album. In my top 3 of ALL time!?

  10. Filippos Kyriazidis says:


  11. JSquaredDesigns says:

    Beautiful video technically and ideas expressed ?

  12. vballmusicGod says:

    im not really a sound garden fan but these guys are really respectable
    dudes ?

  13. GermantecaHD says:

    ROAD RASH!!!?

  14. peteski321 says:

    Love this band :)?

  15. Jace Ortega says:


  16. Bradley Kubasta says:

    +Blake Neubert check it!?

  17. Paul Rose says:

    These dudes are gods. Always have been, always will be a huge inspiration
    to me.?

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