Slough | Learn Guitar With David Brent

David Brent responds to more questions from the fans, and gives a guitar tutorial for the song ‘Slough’. SUBSCRIBE for more Brent tutorials! ? Follow Ricky on Twitter…

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19 Responses to Slough | Learn Guitar With David Brent

  1. Avidcomp says:

    Any chance the Golden Globes will get Brent to host instead of that rude
    Gervais guy??

  2. Matty6660 says:

    this is half ricky half brent?

  3. Spankki says:

    Am I the only one who’s sure that Ricky’s singing “–and you know just
    where you’re beheading” instead of “and you know just where you’ll be
    heading”. Talk about a grotesque pun at the old beheading murder in Slough.?

  4. David Peter McMorris says:

    I live in Slough because of work, and it is shit.?

  5. usmaan ali says:

    I’m from slough ?

  6. Linds Erwin says:

    i know this is meant to be funny…. but this song is beautiful… and kind
    of makes you feel sorry and love David Brent at the same time. ?

  7. Dom EFC says:

    I like this song. I look away and just turn it up. He’s still in the Brent
    character when he’s singing sometimes so you can’t take the song seriously.
    Out of all his songs this is by a mile the best?

  8. Paul L says:

    He’s not actually learning us he “great” song……
    4:00 He should be “Its equidistant twix (in stead of between) London and

  9. KevinBorgOfDeath says:

    This song is fucking brilliant. The other ones are more humouristic but
    this has a great mood to it.?

  10. genizot says:

    Another classic example of perfectly poised and well balanced humour and

  11. Josh Waters says:

    Brent starts this off but you can definitely see Ricky get lost in it
    towards the end and let the song take over him. Beautiful ?

  12. geekrockrats says:

    I almost forgot it was fiction and got psyched when he said hes looking for
    band mates. Im too old for that to keep happening?

  13. YB90Gaming says:

    Not as depressing as Basingstoke?

  14. mrjimmyos says:

    Slough – the only place even more depressing than Reading?

  15. Mackenzie Gordon-Smih says:

    That Martin is a beautiful instrument… I’d love to jam with David Brent ?

  16. Kasey Escape says:

    Definitely my favorite Brent tune! Not only is it funny, catchy and a
    genuinely good song, but its also quite lovely. It makes me think about
    someone who lives somewhere mundane but loves it anyway because its there
    home. ?

  17. adam wooldridge says:

    my cats got worms?

  18. Andrew B. says:

    covered by Toro Y Moi 🙂 very beautiful?

  19. warriorprince101010 says:

    A beautiful love song to a no where town.?

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