Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You – Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs Guitar Lesson

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25 Responses to Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You – Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs Guitar Lesson

  1. xXOneJJXx says:

    I love how you make all your lessons fun, thanks for all your help in your
    videos, Thanks !?

  2. HzlHmdz says:

    you’re such a great tutor. Thanks!?

  3. Yabel Aurelius says:

    Thankyou for the tutorial! I will subscribe it?

  4. rayman samanta says:

    easiest tutorial Q_Q i thank u and thanks secondhand serenade?

  5. Mad Life says:

    thanks.. man…. i am learning a lot of songs now because of your videos…?

  6. Christian M. says:

    I Need help …
    Can someone explain me how to do the strumming part at 5:05?
    I tried it by just hearing but it don´t work :/
    Please help me!!! :)?

  7. Nea Qathryna says:

    Peace by O.A.R pleaaase??

  8. William Peluso says:

    Please please please make a tutorial for He is We – All about us?

  9. Alec Joseph Labayan says:
  10. Jose Angel says:

    Hey Marty does the G in this song use all four fingers or three??

  11. Aj Grospe says:

    ive been having trouble strumming the chorus?

  12. KrashdroPow Felowie says:

    can you make a lesson video for Susie Suh – I Do?(for acoustic guitar)
    Thank you! ?

  13. Foam Clawz says:

    Thanks marty! love this song :D?

  14. Nikolas Ward says:

    Its not easy if you don’t show all the string you’re playing ?

  15. Alfie Muller says:

    hi. can you please do “never too late” by secondhand serenade. thank you?

  16. Alec Joseph Labayan says:

    Nce tutorial….hope you make an easy tutorial of help by the beatles?

  17. Dery Nozawa says:


  18. Madyson Hope says:

    Peace – O.A.R?

  19. Kody Gildersleeve says:

    Sloppy seconds by watsky… Lipstick covered magnet by the front bottoms?

  20. Brandon Wells says:

    I learned this song when you uploaded this video and now I am playing this
    song for my girlfriend this friday (Valentines Day) it is also my birthday,
    her birthday, and it is also the half year anniversary. I am going to play
    it in her favorite restaurant during dinner and luckily I know the owner
    and he is keeping my guitar there until I need it. 🙂 Thanks Marty ?

  21. xxToxicSoftworksxx says:

    Haha he seems so much like jack black in tenacious d.?

  22. Mani Diaz says:


  23. IAmCasualty says:

    Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock?

  24. Alessandra. says:

    L-L-Love by He is we.?

  25. Dave Jones says:

    hey Marty.can you do a Maori song from New Zealand?

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