Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One | Electric guitar cover (instrumental)

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One | Electric guitar cover (instrumental)

Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One | Electric guitar cover (instrumental) Support me on patreon Paypal donations:

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24 Responses to Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One | Electric guitar cover (instrumental)

  1. Ivo Cabrera says:

    New video!!
    Sam Smith – Im not the only one guitar cover

    #SamSmith #imnottheonlyone #inthelonelyhour ?

  2. George Shlita says:

    Great cover, love that echo

  3. ZombieCatGaming says:

    nice to see the les paul back aswell ?

  4. TH plays says:

    Hey Ivo, which guitar are you using?
    I think it`s a LES PAUL , but i`m not sure.?

  5. Antilope says:

    make me a pibeeeeee?

  6. ZombieCatGaming says:

    another great cover !!!!!!! ?

  7. james yanga says:

    Awesome as ever bro keep up the great work :)?

  8. Dave Bal says:

    Awsome cover?????

  9. Lukad says:

    Cool and relaxing. Fantastic?

  10. TH plays says:

    Nice! I love Les Paul?

  11. Daniel Jackson says:

    Great as always hope you do some tabs in the future ?????

  12. Ross o Regan Guitar says:

    Good job as always bro! Great sound :)?

  13. TheScorp86 says:

    Andrew Simple – You Shine would be awesome!?

  14. NAELLE FERIEL says:

    excellent bravo?

  15. Joe Guerra says:

    Awesome. You have inspired me to start playing melodies on the guitar.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Keep those covers coming.?

  16. sanjana guha says:

    This is my favourite song, Now I like it even better 😀 ?

  17. Gian uel says:

    Can you share some tabs??

  18. AndroxineVortex says:

    Very nice clean tone. Nice cover.?

  19. TheBoring2000 says:

    another awesome video!?

  20. fhakagie Torrano says:

    Fuck this song damn!!!?

  21. Daniel Goodwin says:

    Would love someone to tab these covers there amazing !!?

  22. PHILIP GOMES says:

    Hey bro great work! I’ve just uploaded my own cover of this song and I used
    your backing track, thanks!?

  23. andy law says:

    Good Job man <3 ?

  24. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Amazing as always ?

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