Sad Blues Guitar Backing Track in Am

DON’T KNOW WHAT TO PLAY? *KLICK HERE* It’s a 12 bar Minor-Blues. Chords are: Am | | | | Dm | | Am | | Fmaj7| E7 | Am | E7:|| You can play different scales. I like these…

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19 Responses to Sad Blues Guitar Backing Track in Am

  1. Cool Backing Tracks says:

    love that bass line?

  2. D- Veg says:

    Used to spend so much time to play over. ?

  3. julian de boedo says:

    gracias, ver los acordes que suenan me ayuda a tocarlo en el piano?

  4. Ashwin Rai says:

    Okay, so after playing with this track for the longest time, what I did was
    speak in a Bassy voice… it sounded so cool, no really … try it ….
    just say whatever (hopefully something pretentious and flowery) with a
    bassy voice and record it …. or even better play Morgan freeman’s stuff
    in the background … bliss….?

  5. alyona pestunova says:

    cant stop liesten!!! bravo!!!!?

  6. Patrick Lee says:

    BB King ???…??????? ^^?

  7. Backing Tracks Channel says:

    mmm great ;)?

  8. Ever Grab says:

    Bom final de semana ….?

  9. Dennis Chaves says:

    HAH! I had fun with this one.?

  10. Austin Rex says:

    Nice track! I did some noodling over it, can I share on soundcloud? Credit
    to you, of course!?

  11. QMA Backing Tracks -We R new, Help Us Grow says:

    wow…nice track… :)?

  12. MICHAEL harrington says:

    To all you having issues. I started playing solo since I first heard a
    backing track and I can tell you this, it’s all in the feel as well as what
    you prefer as an effect on your git-fiddle. I like a bit of re-verb/a bit
    of blues crunch and I’ll play to a lighter effect or clean. I’m not saying
    that your not doing this but it’s up to you to look scales up and learn
    them. With in the first three months of playing to back tracks I was making
    songs; ie…. It’s not very hard. ?

  13. concordebakje123 says:

    this backingtrack is exactly like BBKing’s The thrill Is Gone?

  14. Oscar Olea says:

    Nice backing track ?

  15. David Wood says:


  16. Steve Putt says:

    Nothing better than working on some blues?

  17. Roy Dos Ramos says:

    wow!!! me gusta, señalas los cambios y muy hermosa la secuencia. gracias?

  18. Wise Fool says:

    Hey guys, I need some help! I know tons of scales throughout the neck but
    still I’m not able to improvise to even a half good standard. I’ve been
    playing for about 1 year and 4 months (acoustic guitar) and I’m actually a
    fingerstyle guitarist. I’ve been learning scales ever since the first month
    and I’m just pissed off now. If you could just give me some pointers then
    that will be great.
    Thank you.?

  19. weison says:

    mine are better?

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