Rush – Fly By Night Guitar Lesson Rush “Fly By Night” guitar lesson. For the next Riff of the Day, we’re using the Wampler Plexi-Drive to get a clas…
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13 Responses to Rush – Fly By Night Guitar Lesson

  1. Stratomacaster says:

    FINALLY… The ONE song I think I can play better than Andy… and it only
    takes playing it for the last 20 years…?

  2. Henry Schecker says:

    I love that whole album?

  3. Meek Mekado says:

    cant say i agree on the chord at 4:19 and he plays the same earlier too,
    but it doesnt sound right at all?

  4. ianwlad says:

    great tone, andy?

  5. mandobanjoguitar says:

    I was singing along! nice one Andy.?

  6. Cdd Mo says:

    really clever?

  7. Ryan Baker says:

    Come on…you can’t play a Rush song without a chorus pedal. Even this song
    had some slight chorus on it.?

  8. BaneOfXistence4 says:

    2:32 – 2:37 Sounds a little like a part of Discovery from “2112”.?

  9. Jonathan Gormal says:

    When did Andy start using a plectrum??

  10. John Larinto says:

    Awesome!! I love Rush. Great job!?

  11. Daniel Kruissen says:

    You are awesome. This was the first song I’ve ever learned to play a year
    ago. Been playing it since and you still made me correct myself. Props on
    your Tom Sawyer lesson, too!

  12. William Bunch says:

    Great song. Nicely done. How about the solo as a bonus??

  13. flatsix666 says:

    Cool that’s my morning sorted to learn this, many thanks. ?

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