Roy Clark – The Guitar Wizard! 1971

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22 Responses to Roy Clark – The Guitar Wizard! 1971

  1. David Swift says:

    Roy Clark – The Guitar Wizard! 1971:

  2. Eamon Aardvark says:

    Roy Clark on the Odd Couple TV show from 1971. serious finger pickin?

  3. oceanviewfan says:

    If there is someone who has or had better guitar strumming chops than this
    man, I haven’t heard of him or her. I love a lot of Hendrix’s music, but I
    doubt that even he had the chops of Roy.?

  4. John Barnette says:

    Roy could play. Forget about Hee Haw, this man was a legend. Just imagine
    if that was an electric guitar!!?

  5. Chris Putt says:

    I knew who Roy Clark was when I was a kid and my parents would have
    *Hee-Haw* on… but I never really paid attention to him as a guitarist.
    Years later, I began to realize just how amazing he was — but I still
    never have him the credit he deserved.

    Someone just brought this clip to my attention. I am blown away. He might
    have had the greatest strumming arm in the history of guitar. *(With all
    due respect to Pete Townshend.)*?

  6. cdbpdx says:

    Roy Clark came to the Oregon State Fair in about 1971 and I watched him
    perform this live standing virtually right in front of me in a big old cow
    barn and it blew my socks off. After this performance, he kissed the tips
    of each of his fingers on the right hand and said, “Gotta let ’em know when
    they do good”. Just about blew the roof off the barn, it was that good!?

  7. Arthur Brownlee IV says:

    Some people study to become scholars, some engineers, others doctors.

    Some people practice to become musicians.

    *…others are born to become musicians.*?

  8. Marc Gulli says:

    This is some awesome playing!!!?

  9. David Gouin says:

    A metal guitarist do this??

  10. simplethingsbykathy1 says:

    What a talent!!! ?

  11. William Smith says:
  12. Karan Sherlock says:
  13. Sven Gundelblum says:

    How does he not drop his pick!? Roy would just do it finger style just as

  14. JamesScottGuitar says:


    This is GREAT!

    Clark – The Guitar Wizard! 1971:


  15. Kevin Eddy says:

    dat rhythm!?

  16. survivrs says:

    I love Roy Clark, but I hate those “pork chop” sideburns from the late
    60’s-early 70’s!?

  17. Andre D says:

    I love MalagueƱa?

  18. blabbydog says:

    Very good-for this style I’m surprised he didn’t use a flamenco/classical
    guitar instead of a steel strung martin…:)?

  19. md65000 says:

    I’d kind of like to hear him play Bach.?

  20. Ron Zabrocki says:

    Killer right hand!?

  21. Denis Gavrilov says:

    He would be a good metal guitarist?

  22. JAYLEE169 says:

    incredible….wish he would sometimes play a a beautiful song the way it
    was written in stead of shooting for light speed.?

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