ROCKSMITH Audrey (10yrs old) Plays Guitar – War Ensemble – Slayer – 97% ??????

Audrey (10 years old) plays Guitar – War Ensemble – Slayer on ROCKSMITH2014. I last played this in Jan. I couldn’t pass without X back then but was glad to g…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to ROCKSMITH Audrey (10yrs old) Plays Guitar – War Ensemble – Slayer – 97% ??????

  1. theneedledrop says:

    yeah, the guitarist is cool, but it’s really the singer that steals the

  2. Paul Spoerry says:

    *Wednesday Earworm: 10-year-old Audrey crushes Slayer’s War Ensemble on
    Rocksmith 2014 and nails a score of 97%.*
    hahahaha… also her little sister busting out some screamo style lyrics at
    the top of her lungs is pretty epic.?

  3. docm77 says:

    Holy mother of metal! See you in a few years on the grand stages!?

  4. edward amaya says:

    well, the game doesn’t teach you how to play a guitar, it only teaches you
    how to play some songs… and like i see, it doesn’t tell you how to hold
    the pick or scales, how to improvise if you want….learning to play guitar
    is more than just learning some songs…. great game btw… ?

  5. Romaric Parezys says:

    Haha with the *CRAZY KATE* lyrics the performance becomes beyond awesome!?

  6. William Arndt says:

    So say you like Slayer… and like the idea of Guitar Hero.. how about
    Rocksmith and hone real Guitar skills… oh yeah she Threshes with the best
    of them and has a real future!?

  7. daniel lopez says:

    the girl has talent no doubt, but this kind of shows how bare bones and
    simple slayer riffs are. If you have played guitar for a few years and have
    some endurance you can literally play ANY slayer song in a matter of
    minutes. Its basic chromatic riffing that they use for every song. ?

  8. Brian Vo says:

    This is the most metal thing I’ve seen in forever. Granted that’s a low
    bar, but this is still freaking awesome.?

  9. Tim Johnson says:

    It’s the backup vocals that really make the video.

    #metal #daawww ?

  10. Keks Dose says:

    There’s hope!?

  11. Francisco Solsona says:

    Audrey, 10 years old, rocks way harder that you! Check her crushing
    Slayer’s War Ensemble. *Respect*?

  12. Hi I'm Oscar Freetoo... too soon Leonardo? says:

    Does anyone know?

  13. IntoTheMindlessAbyss says:

    If you morons listen closely, you could hear the real guitar feedback. It
    is real. She’s playing the chords by looking at the screen. This tool is
    incredible. I’m shocked this is really working! ?

  14. felipemp93 says:

    I’m a lil’ bit outdated here… is she actually playing the guitar or what??

  15. mike gager says:

    can she play it without the game??

  16. Sergei Malagon says:

    These 2 girls are my new metal heroes. :O?

  17. Dzumper says:

    Is this standard Rocksmith 2014? I don’t have those three “X” on left side
    of my screen ;o?

  18. Johannes Musikant says:

    SO F*CKING GUT!! #rocksmith?

  19. Dimepag Barrell says:

    this is so fucking fake?

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