Rob ”Windhammer” Weychert (US), Air Guitar World Championships 2014

Air Guitar World Championships 2014: 1. Nanami ”Seven Seas” Nagura (JP) 35,3 (17,4) 2. Matt ”Airistotle” Burns (US) 35,3 (17,1) 3. Eric ”Mean” Melin (US) 35,…
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16 Responses to Rob ”Windhammer” Weychert (US), Air Guitar World Championships 2014

  1. Vfor VendettaAnonymous says:

    Air guitar, Air Drum, Air Bass, Air Vocal… Imagine this ) …
    —Silence— …. Die Music : ( Talantless stuff : /?

  2. Joe Kony says:

    Why is this real? I’d rather have this be the suicide world championship. ?

  3. xXLoonoeXx says:

    This is so fucking stupid, yet so fucking great.?

  4. gontrox says:

    He’s good! I think I’ve finally found something I might actually be good
    at! ?

  5. CharlZi x says:

    OMG this guy totes should have won over the other gurl. He’s like totes

  6. Emperor of Cartoons says:

    So they’re essentially celebrating having no talent??

  7. Onetoo. says:

    This is why I lose faith in humanity?

  8. Trista Brown says:

    I googled searched “Air Guitar Championships” to see if this was actually

  9. junkyjohn production says:

    what was that haha i can do better…… lol i have never seen such
    guitarist who play guitar without guitar !!! 😛
    plz learn real guitar !!! ?

  10. irvan zein says:

    hahahahaha good idea?

  11. Paige Mclaren says:

    air guitar isn’t a very good skill.
    instead of learning to do air guitar just learn a real guitar.?

  12. thereswaterhere says:

    This is the greatest and most intense thing I have ever SEEN?

  13. Jakeob Lorenz says:

    What am I doing with my life ?

  14. Nancy Martínez Cárdenas says:


  15. Nathan Morris says:

    Wtf. ………?

  16. Luca D'alterio says:

    Che grande minchiata! ?

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