Rob Chapman USA Guitar Clinic Highlights – Shred, Modes & Necromancers

Rob Chapman USA Guitar Clinic Highlights – Shred, Modes & Necromancers Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: Greeting I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist…

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21 Responses to Rob Chapman USA Guitar Clinic Highlights – Shred, Modes & Necromancers

  1. Robert Baker says:

    Sick video Chappers your riffs are always the coolest ?

  2. niptodstan says:

    What set up were you using in this video Rob? It was a nice sound. ?

  3. ADee LP says:

    Idk why I say that on this very video but, thank you Chappers! You taught
    me a lot of shit, very useful shit to be honnest! So yeah, thanks a lot
    man! Hopefully you’ll book a gig in France once! ?

  4. Bacon Muffin says:

    Hey Rob,

    I often experience that too, when you basically hear new music just forming
    inside of your head, but I often find it hard to take that and play it on
    the guitar.
    Also, when I try to actually play what’s in my head, the rest of the
    symphony basically fades away, sadly. How do I keep it from fading as soon
    as I start playing?Do you have any tips on how to transfer what’s in your
    (semi-creative) mind to, well, guitar?

    I’m familiar with pentatonic and phrygian scales and have basic knowledge
    of chords ‘n stuff, my “guitar genre” is kind of a mix between blues,
    metal, rock and spanish guitar.?

  5. Flynn McTaggart says:


  6. 258lemons says:

    Awesome man! Really hope that background music is the latest from Dorje or
    Red Tower! Sounds amazing!!?

  7. Lanners says:

    Such an awesome guy and such an insane player! Love the videos Rob! ?

  8. Celim Pinheiro says:

    Hi from Brazil Chappers! Sick video man, im always watching yours. I do
    some covers to youtube too and i enjoy listenning to ur songs! Peace man,
    good job.?

  9. Thomas Kirby says:

    Giving and receiving are one and the same. Rock on, Chappers.?

  10. Invisus Machina says:

    Any chance we’ll ever see the whole video of the clinic??

  11. Antoine Lablanquie says:

    Haha that EPIC video title?

  12. Joe A says:

    Chappers! You have such a passion for teaching, wonderful! ?

  13. John Benoit says:

    “They’re all dead”?

  14. Per Hammar says:

    So .. what level are you at in Skyrim? Just one playtrough? Diablo instead

  15. Jake Flaherty says:

    #lol ?

  16. TheJagger85 says:

    I really would like to know what I need for recording at home :/ I know I
    need computer and microphone but what else do I need ? ?

  17. connor rogers says:

    rob were you born with magic for brains??

  18. Scott OKen says:

    All you need now is a Chappers signature pedal, perhaps a Chappers
    Overdrive with unique gain stages, so anyone can rock like Chappers!
    Seriously, though, keep up the great work. Always enjoy yours and the
    Captain’s videos! Hope the US treated you well!?

  19. Marko Maletic says:

    Well what level ARE you in Skyrim?? :D?

  20. Brk Express says:

    What’s that song in background??

  21. EminemGuy88 says:

    sooo…do these clinics make it to youtube??

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