Rickenbacker Factory Tour: Model 330 Guitar & Model Bass Construction

Rickenbacker Factory Tour: Model 330 Guitar & Model Bass Construction

http://www.premierguitar.com PG’s Charles Saufley is On Location in Santa Ana, California, where he visits the Rickenbacker Guitars factory and headquarters….

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14 Responses to Rickenbacker Factory Tour: Model 330 Guitar & Model Bass Construction

  1. Chris Palevich says:

    I was given a choice by my wife for my 40th, no more LTD’s, Ibanezs.
    Thought about a Les Paul .. then I took the Ric video tour. Now it’s a no
    brainer, just need to put together color & model.

    No 7- strings? Hahahaha?

  2. teleroylichtenstein says:

    2 days ago I was handed a 4003 mapleglo, natural, glossy, a stunning
    instrument with a beautiful very clear maple and Madagascar rosewood for
    the fretboard. Wonderful instrument. I still have to adjust it. I’m glad to
    have a Rickenbacker instrument, american tradition, careful construction
    and great tone.?

  3. Filz lois says:

    Ok now i understand the Price of these awesome Instruments?

  4. jjp009 says:

    I got a stiffy every time I saw that finished 4003 bass in black! What an
    incredibly beautiful thing to hold in your hands.?

  5. Stephen Gent says:

    Had the chance town a Rick once and couldn’t stretch to it ( sadly). I
    have to say that the cost of ALL American made instruments are
    ridiculously high despite the automated production involved. I own a
    Mexican vintage Strat, and it still plays well, didn’t cost an arm and leg
    either. The bass models for Rickenbacker have a terrible reputation as not
    lasting. THere is too much snobbery here.?

  6. Mark Atkinson says:

    Fascinating stuff!!
    I’ve had my 330 FG LH for 21 years now, it’s a thing of beauty in looks,
    playability and sound. I’ve also had my ac30 for the same length of time
    and together they jangle and chime brilliantly.
    It’s also great to see Rickenbacker are still American made unlike some of
    the others.
    If I had tons of dose, I’d go for a 325 MG and a 360/12, one can only dream.
    Keep up the great work folks.?

  7. Ewan Gubbins says:

    “It’s a thrill to be here, even though I look and sound like I’m clinically

  8. GuiltyMiner0343 says:

    While I am a huge fan of rickenbacker. I am not a fan of how strict they
    are when it comes to designing. I want a rickenbacker, but I can never
    afford one. They should make a student brand of guitars. ?

  9. deweypug says:

    Wow! I am quite impressed! Awesome.?

  10. Andrew Moody says:

    Great little film, fantastic workmanship, great values and beautiful

  11. Bruce Heffner says:

    How great thou art Rickenbacker Guitar Company. What a cool tour.?

  12. Stephen Beckham says:

    I’ve had 5 Ricks through my numerous guitar years, and I’ve really enjoyed
    them. In the nineties I wrote them about a wider neck for a 360-12, and
    while they were nice in responding, they said they wouldn’t be making one.
    If they would consider more options like wider necks and more pickups and
    perhaps a better anchored bridge. That may help them reach out to people
    playing other styles of music.?

  13. domdomdidity says:

    Since I cam remember Rickenbacker’s has been one of the guitars that others
    are measured by, I’m not saying all guitars just this style that appeals to
    some. Someone who prefers Les Paul will measure other guitars by that
    standard. Rickenbacker’s are just beautiful guitars, you get what you pay

  14. Luis Pereira says:

    Wonderful piece of art !!!?

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