Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – How to Play the Guitar Solo – Brian May – Classic Guitar Solos

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17 Responses to Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – How to Play the Guitar Solo – Brian May – Classic Guitar Solos

  1. ShutUpIann says:

    I thought i couldnt play this yet :p?

  2. sgt. Mason says:

    Marty i love you (no homo) i know your not gonna see this comment because
    there’s alot of comments but since i learned alot of these songs because of
    you alot of my friends and muic teachers are jeaous. thanks to you my
    friend. Thank you so much!!!?

  3. Abhay says:

    Hey! Do you know what kind of preset I would need for this?
    If it helps, I have a fender mustang 2 amp.

    Thanks so much.?

  4. Alex Quandt says:

    Marty . You are the one who inspired me to keep doing guitar . I stop my
    guitar lessons because I wasn’t interested and I thought I was gonna quit
    guitar . Then I came across your videos . Thanks to you I didn’t give up .
    Thank you so much marty . ?

  5. Josh McDevitt says:

    this guy is the fucking man…..thanks?

  6. Sebastian Schmidt says:

    Best tutorials! ?

  7. Lawrence Butler says:

    You can never go wrong with Marty !!?

  8. Riley Sony says:

    I always have fun with you Marty ;)?

  9. David Brunstein says:

    Best solo ever! Best music lesson ever!
    I love Queen and always wanted to learn this solo.
    Thank you Marty!?

  10. bb ssd says:

    My problem is i cant get the damn tone down! Anyone out there no the
    settings on a line 6 to get this sound>??

  11. Nightmare92616 says:

    I was really having a hard time with some of this solo, but I’m getting it
    now I think :D?

  12. WishfulSinful1969 says:


  13. ChaoticKilla1 says:

    I want to get a Les Paul any recommendations on which one I should get??

  14. lisa alblas says:

    I really think this is one of the best solo’s in time, i am going to play
    the electric quitar but I don’t really know how long this solo is gonnan to
    take to play it flawless? I hope you will react to my reaction.
    Greatings from The Netherlands.?

  15. Izzu Sulaiman says:

    Ur the video’s r the best?

  16. BeatBay says:

    I love your videos since day one. Thanks. I have a question. Do you studied
    music in berklee or elsewhere? Thank you?

  17. Christopher Cohn says:

    Marty! You are always my go to guy for learning guitar. Wouldn’t want it
    any other way. You are the best, Marty! :)?

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