Practice routine template for learning scales electric & acoustic guitar lesson learn to solo

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13 Responses to Practice routine template for learning scales electric & acoustic guitar lesson learn to solo

  1. ian brown says:

    i have played as a beginnier for about 5 years, picked it up for a week
    then put it down for months, decided nwo its time to make the time for it
    and this video has help me a great deal, this scale is amazing especially
    when used as lead! i always wanted to know how they play that lead like
    that! it looks a lot easier than i thought! got my acoustic out and
    watching this over and over!! love it, sub from me!?

  2. golfalot1 says:

    Huge David Taub fan. Excellent teacher that will get you playing the guitar
    in a few weeks. Very laid back demeanor and lots of humor in the lessons.
    His positive attitude makes you want to pick up the guitar and practice
    more. His mantra is a constant, “You can do it!” NextLevelGuitar is the
    best online course I’ve found due to its structure. Chords, chords and more
    chords first…then chord changes, chord changes, and more chord changes.
    Beginners need that foundation and chordal vocabulary before advancing to
    scales, riffs and lead guitar techniques. Knowing the chords and the fret
    board make scales and riffing so much easier. NLG is not a magic pill; you
    need to take it out of the fret board and work at it, but IMO, it’s a great
    online course and lots of fun. ?

  3. Zach Gierisch says:

    This lesson is so discouraging. I’ve been messing around on the guitar for
    almost ten years and I still can’t even do basic scales. ?

  4. Frank Ciordia says:

    I’m starting late in life, 50 and I have paid attention to your teaching
    and just enjoy the way you make the teaching simple. I realize I have a
    long journey ahead to be able to sound melodic and do a simple solo,
    However practice, practice, practice and learning the scales to someday
    just replay what I’m hearing here on your video, thanks so much.?

  5. Kurtis P says:

    This lesson in scales was the best. Thanks!!!?

  6. Luke Stone says:

    It’s hard stretching your fingers over 2 frets when you’re not used to it?

  7. Kyaw buay Blue says:

    i real injoy you teaching guitar god bless u and you family?

  8. Ashley Chuch says:

    So, I’m a girl, and my hands are consequently really small. I’m trying to
    just start with a scale and am having a hard time with my thumb sliding
    everywhere on the back of the neck when I am trying to get to the third and
    sixth scale degree (my pinky’s positions on the lower strings), and I’m
    wondering if that’s normal for starting scales? Or maybe my guitar’s neck
    is too large for me? And will it benefit me if I just push through?
    Because, right now, it’s hard to make the scale flow, without going really
    slowly, because I have to adjust my thumb and stretch my pinky for those
    lower strings…

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :)?

  9. Joshua johnson says:

    This lesson should be titled “fretboard mastery” cause it covers the
    lessons to the holy grail in simple terms. Awesome lesson ?

  10. Peter WARD says:

    Solution to small hands = open tuning

    search: Joe Walsh Slide lesson / E Tuning on youtube for Masterclass

    To see what a guy with little weiner-fingers can do to a fretboard
    search: Kurt Winter American Woman on youtube?

  11. Chris Fowell says:

    awesome dude?

  12. Scott Henderson says:

    Thank You, I am an old guy going to try to get back to where I was when I
    was 25 with my Playing. This is a great start. Now to get it from my brain
    into my fingers. Arthritis is a pain but this will be great to get started
    Thank You?

  13. james czarnecki says:

    great lesson!!?

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