Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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14 Responses to Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

  1. Michael Mitchell says:

    dude i suck i a 10 been playing for two i just cant do it?

  2. Gaurav Nepal says:

    THANKS!!! bro it really helped me out,,now i can play it …….thanks
    again +martyzsongs ?

  3. SuperTechno2012 says:

    Marty this is amazing and ur a great guitar player?

  4. Salvatore Garofalo says:

    Marty you are my menthor..
    Thank you very very much from Italy!!

    P.s. Thanks to your guitar lessons I’m saving a loto of money :)?

  5. Jena Westen says:

    Wow it’s so much easier than it sounds! Thanks!?

  6. kmiu777 says:

    Hi there!! I love your page!! I like the way you teach. I would like to
    request how to play (Love is my Religion) by Ziggy Marley. thank you!?

  7. Helge E says:

    thank you so much, marty…… for ALL your lessons…i will do my very
    best, miss sophie?

  8. Thenoobcake100 says:

    hello people, i need your help. i was trying to play the part at 2:43 but
    just cant make it sound like martys. someone has a tip for me how to play
    that part better

  9. leolomusic says:

    This is killing me… Can’t stop trying and playing but I can’t do it. But
    I can’t stop. But I…
    My fingers are wasted… I just started playing guitar two-three weeks ago
    and I’m dying with bending and two fingers slides. All I have to say is
    thank you for making this video and making it so easy to learn… I know
    the problem is I am just null for this >_<' ps: My fingers hurts as I type this words haha?

  10. Georgia Alice says:

    I LIED. I’ve got it now, thank you so much for putting this up!! :3?

  11. Shen Zoyle says:

    Hey there Marty, you probably get this a whole lot but thank you for all
    the lessons on Youtube, I went from learning how to an open chord
    progression to playing this all because of you. Though, its not the end of
    my mastery of this tool! Heh. You are legendary!!

    I just have one question, when I play the third and fourth phase, I get a
    different sound, especially when I bend the G string at the end.. Possibly
    press down harder? Cheers!?

  12. chance guthridge says:

    Could you please get a video up for all the solos to wish you were here
    also ?

  13. Georgia Alice says:

    I can’t get the 3rd bit… too fast :c?

  14. Charlie Dimas says:

    When I play it, I feel like I unlocked a door.?

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