Part.2- Nelly Guitar’s …Lap Steels and Custom Strat thang!

Part.2 of 3 ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’ By popular demand…you asked me to do a video showing you my Guitars …well here it is…Part.2 Laters dudes Nelly Click here to subscribe…

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21 Responses to Part.2- Nelly Guitar’s …Lap Steels and Custom Strat thang!

  1. EricAvilesGOM says:

    They’re ribbed for extra sensation!! Lol hahahahaha yes, that was great. I
    said the exact same thing when I saw it. ?

  2. Charizti says:

    Actually, I liked more Bluey than Goldie Hofner :)?

  3. CygnusRising001 says:

    That new (used) Hofner lap steel sounds great!?

  4. Christian Elnegaard says:

    Man the strat is a real beauty! Awsome tones too from all of your guitars.
    Thanks for making the rundown by the way.?

  5. Bad Mouth Men says:

    i like the story with the bluey 🙂 there’s nothing like modding guitars to
    make them truly yours. don’t you agree ??

  6. AgEyal says:

    for some reason when you look at the camera it doesnt look like youre
    looking straight. fix that please :P?

  7. gioomadze says:

    Your old slide guitar sounds fantastic!?

  8. Luke Leach says:

    Anyone else feel we should be doing more to help Nelly out? :S ?

  9. Scott Turek says:

    Every time Nelly stares into the camera, I feel like he is looking directly
    into my soul haha ?

  10. karltopdollar says:

    Bluey “ARTISAN Metallic Blue Lap Steel Guitar Tone & Volume Controls” for
    sale on eBay UK same as Nelly’s looks like new finishes 09 Jul, 2014
    21:10:45 BST eBay item number:
    11139535332 skint or I’d bid myself?

  11. Jim Olsen says:

    I love that strat sound. Great video and cool guitars?

  12. brian millican says:

    Bluey is my favourite.. Perhaps the mahogany nut you have one it gives it a
    little more character towards that sweet tone it has.. It sounds amazing :D?

  13. Demetre Iobashvili says:

    Great video Nelly !! Could you do a video about choosing the best slide
    guitar for beginners??

  14. James Darcy says:

    I love the way you cherished your bluey slide, beaten to shit with a wooden
    nut and still singing away :)?

  15. Charles Denney says:

    How much did you pay for your blue artisan and how much is it worth now??

  16. Chris Shaw says:

    You definitely have some awesome chemistry with that blue slide guitar. ?

  17. Chris Curtis says:

    I really liked your first vids, but I can’t watch any of the newer ones
    because they aren’t available in Germany :(?

  18. Andrew Niel says:

    Nelly Guitar’s …Lap Steels and Custom Strat thang!
    Part.2 of 3 ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’?

  19. Ben Newth says:

    Liked the intro man, nicely done!?

  20. James Russo says:

    What amp are you using? The cube??

  21. Bradley Anderson says:

    Rude, Crude, and Loud. That’s exactly how I like it. And you can use that
    for the name of your next CD, too. 😀 I love your slide playing, friend.?

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