Papa Roach – Last Resort – Guitar Lesson – How to play Main Riff and Chords – Tutorial

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21 Responses to Papa Roach – Last Resort – Guitar Lesson – How to play Main Riff and Chords – Tutorial

  1. Mazzy says:

    Ummm, the beginning isn’t similar to Brain Stew at all…?

  2. netinho rodrigues says:

    This is a Iron Maiden riff?? ?

  3. Pakagy says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jonathan deneault says:

    Sweet video, way easier than I thought!?

  5. allen bosch says:

    is it worth signing up up to guitarjamz .com
    i was hoping to learn more advanced techniques like fast picking.lagato and
    finger picking?

  6. Brian Bartkowiak says:

    Awesome jam and awesome hoodie !!!?

  7. Jonathan Santiago says:

    I love yur blog man and this tutorial got me pretty quick to play Last
    Resort and it worked a lot! thanks for thay man! I was wondering if you can
    make a tutotial of The one who laugh last from Downplay? I would love to
    learn that song and aply it to my band, thanks marty!?

  8. Mili Cardenas says:

    Why does the beginning sound like Green day’s insomniac??

  9. john chapel says:

    Thanks man just learn how to play one of my favorite songs. And for some
    reason i can only learn a song by watching you play. Can you do in this
    river from zakk wylde?

  10. J Med says:

    MARTY!!!!!! (thats all i have to say) lol?

  11. Richard Byrd says:

    Play scars by papa roach?

  12. ????? ???????? says:

    ????? ????? 🙂 ? ??????? ?? ??????? ??????? ??????????? ??? ??????? ?????!
    ??????????? like!?

  13. DragonRoLo says:

    I know your trying to teach us but man you messed up a lot guess its free
    so cant expect you to do a perfect take.?

  14. Grahamo98able says:

    Chorus is very punk like I always thought.?

  15. ????? ???? says:

    I got stuck with this song for a lot of time.. I can’t play the riff, any
    tips for the fast picking? is it an expirience thing??

  16. William Svensson says:

    What should the strings be tuned as??

  17. tulextreme says:

    hahaahaha that final “lick” made me laugh! ahahaha!?

  18. Louise Torp says:

    Can you maybe learn some songs from Avenged Sevenfold or Asking Alexandria,
    it could be FUCKINg awesome! :-D?

  19. vishal pathak says:

    u make plying guitar easy……..:)

  20. David305fly says:

    sometimes when i try to do it too quick, the 9-10 on the A string comes out
    a hammer- on and in conjunction with the picking, it sounds awkward. im not
    sure if im trying to play the riff too fast or its my fretting. ?

  21. Alex Muscan says:

    +1 subscriber!?

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