O-Sky Learn to play “Oh Boy” on Guitar the Fun Fast and Easy way

8 year old O-Sky teaches you how to play “Oh Boy on Guitar OSkySings.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to O-Sky Learn to play “Oh Boy” on Guitar the Fun Fast and Easy way

  1. Hypergraph says:

    thanks for the video. can you make a tutorial of “master of puppets” from

  2. suliman khayyat says:

    it sounds awesome just because she’s singing it :)?

  3. Ira Feinberg says:

    this is awesome! keep it up!!?

  4. Sarah Spisak says:

    O-Sky, you are a beautiful star. Thanks for sharing your light! <3?

  5. ibefullofme says:

    This is a cute video, it’s in A though, not G, one of the first songs I
    learned too.?

  6. butters hussey says:

    Give the kid a break, every body has there own way of playing songs. ?

  7. Oliver Flucker says:

    Yes the d chord is wright so are G & C they are just practice chords for
    young children

  8. dvnobles says:

    nicely done! you are great!?

  9. Rachel Savoie says:

    Great lesson, O-Sky! You rock! :-)?

  10. Vocal Studios says:

    i loved this guitar tutorial, and i wanted to know if u could do more. im
    actually a kid myself and im just getting my guitar today, and her tutorial
    is really easy for me to learn. thnxz?

  11. John Robertson says:

    so much cute XD?

  12. Madison Clark says:

    your so cute awesome song?

  13. Katie Reed says:

    I don’t like this kid of music heavy metal is my style an yea but she’s
    really good and adorable tho ?????

  14. Apex Ashan says:


  15. Andrea Marker says:

    Your good?

  16. philmiller99 says:

    well done?

  17. Ewa Szewczyk says:

    No Kochani gitary w d?o? , swiat b?dzie lepszy …i do lekcji z tak Cudowna
    nauczycielke napewno b?dzie ?atwiej ……MI?EGO DNIA ..:)?

  18. Skull Tracer says:

    Thank you, girl! Now I know how to play “Oh Boy” in my guitar! You are
    awesome!! ;-)?

  19. Ezia Smith says:

    hahah omg soooo cute?

  20. Phoenix Michaels says:

    Great lesson!?

  21. Ashley S says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww shes soo cute?

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