MUSIC READING – Level 1: Reading Music Notes on the Guitar

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17 Responses to MUSIC READING – Level 1: Reading Music Notes on the Guitar

  1. Brian Dickson says:

    Thanks for keeping the old videos up Andrew. I’ve been playing for years,
    but now I think it might be helpful to learn some elementary music reading,
    but only for learning new songs, as TAB doesnt convey rhythm (when to play
    the next note and for how long). I’ll give sight reading a miss as I’m not
    in my prime any more and only play with other musicians at church. ?

  2. Danny A. says:

    Hockey – Ice Fishing – French People – and Awesome Guitar Teachers in
    Canada….Oh Yeah….S.C.T.V. Thanks That Really narrowed things down for

  3. Alicia Sandoval says:

    I play the gar?

  4. stephaniealexandra says:

    you are a great teacher – articulate and know what needs to be understood!?

  5. Alicia Sandoval says:
  6. amber marchand says:

    Hi. I have a question how do you play its a small world on guitar and what
    are the notes to it…

    Please let me know that would be awesome thanks bye 😀 ?

  7. Xeno says:

    I guess when he said that it takes two to two and a half years for a
    serious learner to learn music reading he meant that he will master it,
    including knowing exactly where exact scale notes repeat, so it includes
    fretboard mastery.?

  8. leo johnson says:

    either you are artistic or you are not ….sad but true?

  9. Riley Tebbetts says:

    IVe been playing sax for the past 5 years. I have no idea is reading guitar
    music is the saem as reading sax music, and am in a dilemma. Obviously i
    can look at a simple sheet of music and know what notes are being shown,
    but i cannot fluently read a piece of guitar music, need help?

  10. Jake Topper says:

    i respect the hell out of this guy. thank you andrew!

  11. Richard Kicklighter says:

    Right on the mark! You said it smack on the nose. Buckle down and study,
    STUDY. It seems terribly difficult at first and clear as mud. Then the
    transformation begins to take shape. Wannabes are too lazy texting &
    Facebooking. The pros know what it takes to accomplish this skill, there is
    no substitute.

  12. drftzamurai says:

    that is lv 1 cause before that is beguinners guide and that teaches you
    more into detail where each note is on the staff and there placement on the
    guitars strings and fret board, this man is greatly edicated and just
    simply ask him for a beginners guide of those items I just spoke of also
    request for him in that guide to explain the guitars open notes and there
    corresponding music letter example abcdefgabcdefgabcdefg, aslo in that to
    try an easy song with teaching you the beguinning.

  13. Jack Sullivan says:

    Oooooh black machine heads on a sunburst strat ! Yummy ! I want these on
    mine xD

  14. peddfast says:

    canadaaaaaa!!!!!! 😉

  15. mazek15 says:

    in sheet notes 3rd fret D notes, 7fret D notes & 12 fret D notes is almost
    the same position so how will i know from which fret do i have to start if
    i saw a D note in a sheet?because when i try to check the sweet child o
    mine, the intro starts from D notes but there is no sign that you have to
    start in 12 fret. please help me thanks!

  16. ZiggyGreenthumb says:

    Its because B-C and E-F are only a semitone (one fret) apart rather than a
    tone (two frets) like all the other notes. Learning basic theory like the
    major scale and learning the notes on the guitar would help you underdstand
    things better.

  17. xzerqiin says:

    LOL why not try challenge yourself to make it in a year?. 😀 it’ll be
    better that way, than give up before even trying..

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