Mike Dawes – Boogie Shred (Official Tour Video) – Solo Guitar

TAB available in description. Album ‘What Just Happened?’ out now! Over the past year, Mike Dawes took a GoPro camera and an iPhone around the world to capture his ‘What Just Happened?’ world…

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24 Responses to Mike Dawes – Boogie Shred (Official Tour Video) – Solo Guitar

  1. Candyrat Records says:

    Over the past year, Mike Dawes took a GoPro camera and an iPhone around the
    world to capture his ‘What Just Happened?’ world tour, and gather footage
    to accompany his song, Boogie Shred.?

  2. Mark Holcomb says:

    the Dawes of Life!?

  3. Jon Gomm says:

    Today is my birthday! Happy Gommday one and all. Celebrate by watching my
    friend Mike Dawes’s new video which features me playing guitar with four
    hands. And playing while doing a rubix cube, which took months of practice.
    And… erm… growing the arms was pretty painful.

    Mike Dawes – Boogie Shred (Official Tour Video) – Solo Guitar

    Tomorrow I’m heading to UK Techfest at Newark, and Sunday I’m at Avebury
    Rocks, if you wanna come, all the info is at jongomm.com

    Then next week I’m filming a bunch of new videos. Then I’m going to Canada!
    So, not too busy then.

    P.S.Thanks to Teun “Tony” Veekens for being arms 3 and 4. :D?

  4. Melanie Voisine says:

    OMG he got a charango at 1:08
    If I’m not mistaken :D?

  5. Tirta Leonardi says:

    omg i know that place in 0:16 , it’s in Indonesia, at Kelapa Gading, which
    is near my house :)?

  6. Matt C says:

    So bad ass. Reminds me of Andy Mckee and they are both with Candyrat

  7. ???????? ??????? says:

    what played Sungha this video????

  8. Peter Gergely says:

    I cannot handle this amount of awesomeness in one video.. Keep on rocking
    Mike! :)?

  9. mikedawesofficial says:

    Thanks for the nice comments folks. Did any of you spot yourselves??

  10. SixStringsOfWonder says:

    This is fcking amazing. Thanks Mark Holcomb, you’re my hero. ?

  11. Oscar Prado Guardiola says:

    Amazing MASTER!!?

  12. Daan Roes says:

    Wow, this video is awesome. Well done!?

  13. Emil Bringsli says:

    Awesome groove on this one!?

  14. Kevin Nikolas says:

    hahaha!! this is cool & fun?

  15. Antonis Tzavaras says:

    2.59 ?thens!?

  16. Paolo Fornaro says:

    EPIC VIDEO!!!!!!?

  17. Kevin O'Brien says:

    Some great fingerstyle guitar here. If you like this kind of music,
    subscribe to Candyrat Records on YouTube.?

  18. Moody Jill says:

    Absolutely outstanding!!?

  19. brooks potts says:

    Was that Andy McKee I see? I’m sure he is tickled to death to hear artists
    like you with this kind of percussion.?

  20. Leafcutter Studios says:

    Check out Mike Dawes taking Boogie Shred worldwide…?

  21. Evan Jones says:

    Probably my favorite video that’s ever appeared on Candyrat. Really

  22. KillSwitch66627 says:

    @ 2:12 is the mraky from periphery??

  23. Jay Minor says:

    absolutely great playing !! I Love it.

    But the video is totally distracting from the music. Why do we have to see
    all the scenes for a second or two ? It doesn´t support the music at all. ?

  24. Polearm Ratnebula says:

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s the entrance to the teaching block in the
    University of Surrey at 2:27? I better not have missed you if you were
    performing there whilst I was living about 200m from that very spot…?

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