Michael Jackson – Beat It Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Rhythm Guitar Parts

http://www.guitarlessons365.com/song-lessons/michael-jackson-beat-it-video-guitar-lessons/ To watch all the free video guitar lessons and performance for “Be…
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18 Responses to Michael Jackson – Beat It Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Rhythm Guitar Parts

  1. Gitesh Khanna says:

    Omg that strat sounds sooo GOOD. Which pedal are you using btw ? :0?

  2. Rafael Velasco says:

    FLIZ AÑO, excelente, gracias?

  3. jourell bacani says:

    what effects do u use??

  4. WeiderST says:

    Ahhh, the muting part is a pain in the a** I find it really hard to learn
    properly :)?

  5. Welington Machado Pereira says:

    very,very good,Brazil to Rio city Volta Redonda.?

  6. sammy reynolds says:

    Steve Lukather played the rhythm parts and EVH only played the solo.?

  7. ShoSHO ybanez says:

    what effect did you use??

  8. Raymond Garcia says:

    Great job!! Thanks!?

  9. Sassy Lee Hillius says:

    man you have long fingers like me lol thanks great lesson!?

  10. Doubleag90 says:

    great video..like this video more than any other i seen

  11. Adrián Amador says:

    PLEASEEEEEEEE tell us how do you get that tone!

  12. vini d says:

    no its a stratocaster

  13. chloecowenvickers says:

    Thäñk ?öü

  14. Nick-M says:

    Hey man, GREAT lesson! Thank you. I think I’m not the only one, but for me,
    it would be a huge improvement to your lessons if you play at the beginning
    what you’re going to teach us. What do you think about that yourself?

  15. Taste ?? says:

    Is that a fender starcaster?

  16. Nick-M says:

    Never mind, I now see the full performance video on your site. What pedals
    do you use btw?

  17. JaizyBaby says:

    Steve Lukather played the guitar on this song as well. I LOVE steve so much.

  18. kevinbollers2 says:

    The tone on your Fender is Godlike

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