Michael Angelo Batio ? double guitar

michael anglelo batio double guitar… enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Michael Angelo Batio ? double guitar

  1. Ima WreckU says:

    172 people disliked this?
    Bieber fans.
    Absolutely fucking Bieber fans.
    This man is a God among Gods when it comes to the guitar.?

  2. Steven Lornie says:

    Great gimmick and legendary co ordination but I think I’d rather have “3
    chord” status quo rock music. ?

  3. Thomas Vreeke says:

    i didn’t know wanking videos were allowed on youtube?

  4. T5000X says:

    This one was far better than the Guitar World video that has millions of

  5. Med Ben says:

    why there is so many trolls on youtube stope hating or hating with give us
    a link with your cover video let see the world what really you are ?

  6. SirUncleCid says:

    What the fuck is he even doing at 5:20??

  7. ??? says:

    What a mess?

  8. beholder1976 says:

    I bet … he can play guitar with His wig too. The tecnique it’s out of the
    question, but i prefer David Gilmour … less notes but the right ones.
    However I have esteem for talent.?

  9. Ink Black says:

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………a guitar

  10. WednesdayFin86 says:

    That is a face of a man who lacks absolutely nothing.?

  11. René Morato says:

    As much as that’s not the sort of music that appeals to most of people, he
    does possess an ability that I’m yet to see anyone else having it. I take
    my hat off for that.?

  12. 5thhorsman says:

    mehh more of a circus act than musical talent ..
    Yeah he can play scales and play fast . then you hear sombody like Kurt
    Cobain who was just average skill but put some actual feeling into his
    music and you come away saying Kurt was an average player but a better
    musician .?

  13. brSants says:

    This guy is so Insane

  14. loraljohnson says:

    I can’t find the post, but someone was asking what the song was at 2:10 –
    It’s “Pipeline” by Dick Dale.?

  15. Jose ConTilde says:

    este le hace el amor a la guitarra?

  16. Alberto Sandoval says:

    BATIO es un extraterrestre, ningún ser humano toca como este hdp… XDDD?

  17. Blue Division says:

    Hilarious lol?

  18. kevin Arnold says:

    He rocks too hard because he’s not a mortal man.?

  19. Adrien Bremond says:

    WOOOOOOW !!!! ?

  20. loraljohnson says:

    At 2:52 – Allman Brothers – Whipping Post?

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