Metallica’s James Hetfield At Guitar Center

James Hetfield, the man himself, sat down with us at Guitar Center in San Francisco. In the small room, he shared stories about becoming a musician, rising t…

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19 Responses to Metallica’s James Hetfield At Guitar Center

  1. Guitar Center says:

    Watch Kirk’s video here: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett At Guitar Center?

  2. Bay Riffer says:

    His voice sounds like the postal dude.?

  3. m169marroquin says:


  4. manionist says:

    what song is he playing in 6:43 ??

  5. Sander Børresen says:

    What song does he play at 7:02 and does anyone have the tabs for it????

  6. Reed GCN says:

    I wanna pick up guitar, I’m only 17 so I know (or hope lol) it’s not too
    late. Guys like Hetfield inspire the shit out of me. ?

  7. arcykaplanhehe says:

    He’s a douche, really.?

  8. someguy827 says:

    This dude rocks plain and simple. I think all of us guitar players can say
    that his riffs have lent us some inspiration from time to time :)?

  9. ThisisLies says:

    Without a doubt the most overrated frontman in all of Metal. In terms of
    technical skill hes not that great, and hes far from the best riff maker.
    Ill give him points for innovation in his early career, but thats about it?

  10. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    He is like give me that guitar, this is how it’s done all the people in
    Guitar Center were playing Stairway to Heaven?

  11. jaketaz says:

    I don’t consider Metallica to be the absolute pinnacle of metal and some of
    their bullshit pisses me off, but if you are a guitarist even remotely
    involved in rock music you gotta give it up to this dude’s rhythm skills.
    like look at any clip of him playing on YouTube, he never ever fucks up and
    never gets off the beat, even singing in a different rhythm. that shit is

  12. FL Guitarist says:

    Wow, he REALLY kicks Kirk’s ass. Even his vibrato is good, Kirk can barely
    bend in tune.?

  13. Ian Bourg says:

    If only he had a different lead guitarist. And, to be honest, (just from
    watching videos of concerts n shit) it seemed like it felt more “right”
    with Dave. James, Dave, and Cliff seemed like a perfect line-up, and all
    together, they could have made some amazing music over the years. But, the
    only closest thing to that; is Kill Em All…?

  14. Brook Semmler says:

    i think dave mustaine had a lot to do with this guys guitar style, don’t
    you think?

  15. Metayounis says:

    “You don’t want to hear me solo” James, Nothing else matter’s Solo is my
    favorite Solo right after Comfortably numb.

  16. John White says:

    Surprised after watching this video how humble he has become, and being
    grateful for the gift of music…because that is exactly what it is, a
    gift…The Zone? I am sure any dedicated guitarist can relate to this
    completely…how many times getting lost in the zone and forgetting anyone
    else is there…I have done it on stage many times, and love it when I am
    in that moment…Nice interview…a new found respect for James…?

  17. Oreo Buttcrack says:

    It’s like the fourth time I watched this video, there are some amazing
    guitar riffs right there.?

  18. Mike Rotchburns says:

    James Hetfield is one of the greatest musicians in the history of rock n
    roll. The stuff he wrote was just unreal and there was no better duo than
    him and kirk hammett. He basically just told Kirk hammett what to play and
    he just killed it. Him and Kirk Hammett are the reason i play guitar ?

  19. Metallica4640 says:

    it sounded like he admitted on selling out when they made the black album.
    This is such a really good interview, and this dude is way better than

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