Metallica – Enter Sandman – pt 1 – How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons –

request part 2 and also get stuff not on youtube
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19 Responses to Metallica – Enter Sandman – pt 1 – How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons –

  1. Jimmy Cos says:

    Nice legit way to give people the finger, lol…?

  2. Nick Gaimes says:

    stop the video at 3:04 and look at your face marts :)?

  3. Mistful Ranger says:

    Marty love the heritage, ?

  4. Zerpent I says:

    You helped me a lot with the rythm and timing in this riff. The tab I
    looked and trying to get the rythm/timing right was pure mindfuck.?

  5. Bailey Chasteen says:

    Is this in an E or D standard tuning??

  6. Michael Bricks says:

    Marty what guitar should I get? Been playin a year now and im ready for a
    good one! Lone mettalica nirvana aic ect… thanks u helped me the whole

  7. Mike Reda says:

    Hi Marty:

    I”m a subscriber to your site and am a complete amateur.


    What are the settings on the Guitar/Amp for this song?

    Thanks for your help.?

  8. Fletcher Time says:

    Tip for beginners, Instead of skipping a string and playing and open G, you
    can play the 5th fret on a the D string. Just thought it was a little
    easier, but that’s just my opinion.?

  9. Michele Pardini says:

    +martyzsongs hi Marty, yesterday I bought my first electric guitar at 40
    ;), total beginner. Thanks for you passion and for sharing this amazing
    videos! ?

  10. Ruby Soul says:

    Lmao I just notice the middle finger, nice one there xD?

  11. Rainyriver33 says:

    instead of playing open E then 7 on A and then G you could just play open
    E, 7 on G, and 5 on D with your first finger?

  12. guitarhero760 says:

    Standard tuning? ?

  13. Miroslav Osadkovski says:

    Thanks a lot man :)?

  14. Hunter Gullion says:

    I couldn’t get the link because I use a kindle fire and for some reason
    they don’t show up…..but if you could comment back and but the link in
    the message that would be great!!?

  15. PaulAnthony Booth says:

    When you stick up your ring finger in the beginning of the video a caption
    appears right above it but immediately disappears as quickly as it
    appeared. From what I can tell it says “Shut it please”. I don’t know if
    you know, I just thought I’d point it out. Hmmm?

  16. Steve Cropper says:

    Thanks Marty–without you I would not have kept at it so much. Your Videos
    inspire me to keep going?

  17. DJ Fatler says:

    It would help if you showed the tab for it?

  18. Niko Deza says:

    God bless Kirk Hammett lmL?

  19. Andy Andyy says:

    i love you Marty <3 right now i am trying to learn this from your tutorial
    you explain this so good 😀 i love you man ( no homo ) ?

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