Me And My Guitar: Slipknot’s Mick Thomson and his Ibanez Custom Shop signature

Get Total Guitar for iOS devices, Kindle Fire and Android: Ahead of taking the stage to headline the first day of the 2013 Download Festival with Slipknot, Mick Thomson…
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14 Responses to Me And My Guitar: Slipknot’s Mick Thomson and his Ibanez Custom Shop signature

  1. JgHaverty says:

    This guy… is fucking HUGE omg… ?

  2. TheMusicfan189 says:

    *Stares at you like he’s about to stab you*

    “Good morning!” Hahahahaha!?

  3. JakeYencikMusic says:

    “the show is moist”?

  4. Alex Phillips says:

    This is such a trivial thing but I hate when guitars have wooden necks if
    the guitar is coloured ?

  5. The Joker says:

    So much heavy breathing.. haha.?

  6. Elizabeth Weaver says:

    You can always hear mick breathing ?????

  7. Alberto R. Diaz says:

    What a poser ?

  8. james phillips says:

    he’s hilarious and not even trying , if slipknot ever finishes (i sincerely
    hope never) then mick would be just the best comedian just being himself
    and talking about any topic, “the show is moist” i just creased up, i love
    you mick <3?

  9. NICKHAM16 says:


  10. Descendent t says:

    and i bet he’s very pretty too, loll imagine this dudes wife, he barely
    breathes in this mask ahuahuahuahauha fatso?

  11. GForceFGT says:

    everyone in the band stopped using the mask in interviews and stuff like
    that… except mick?

  12. Mustar Majonéz says:

    What’s the solo at the intro??

  13. mourntheloss666 says:

    I completely lost it when he said “Good morning”. So polite, so funny?

  14. Slears says:

    …………good Morning! ahahaha I died?

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