MarioBeatz – Happy Inspiring Motivational Guitar Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2014 – Be The Change

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10 Responses to MarioBeatz – Happy Inspiring Motivational Guitar Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2014 – Be The Change

  1. YourRapBeatsTV - Hip Hop Beats | Rap Instrumentals says:

    Hip Hop Beat | No. 593?

  2. RandomRapper says:

    Im Feeling Comatosed on Repitition Im Becoming Numb as If i Cant Feel My
    Own Prescence
    I see Terror Directed At Anyone Foolish Enough To Get The Message Its The
    Corrupted And Infected..
    You used To Be A Blank Canvas Now its just Erased Quick Sketches
    Master Piece You Gave Up On I Get Nightmares Walking in your Direction..
    Sometimes i Wish The Judge Would Just Let go Of my Brothers Sentence
    But Guns And Dope Dont Say Nice Things Stike 3 no Question..
    5 – 15 When Will it End For ’em
    How many Times Will He Wake Up In Sorrow Early Morning
    Id Lose My Self My Mind Call Me The Fourth Horsemen
    Depressed At Random Times Flashes of The pain And The Corpses
    Sometimes I Dont Get Why i Feel So Morbid
    Luck With A Chance at the Lottery Even though i Know its Hopeless
    Didnt Give up just Hanging at The End Of My Rope Again..
    WHo Am I who are You When Can i Finally focus Man…

    Please Dont Go Its Cold Alone ice Age in August 15 Below x3

    Every Day Theres always a New War
    Pride Or Love Some Ones Always Running Tword
    Whos Coming Back This Time I Dont know anymore..
    Bring The Rain Lord Wash The World Clean
    Time to Open Up The Door..
    Bring Us Infinite Beaches The Water Against The Shore…
    Ive Experienced Alot in This Life
    Love To Death even Pride in my Own Fights
    Gave it 100% except When i Felt it was a Waste a Time
    I Grind and Grind a Dead end 9 2 5
    I Shine Only To Surrpress Whats Eating My Light
    Darkness in The Dead of night
    Just outta Ur Sight
    Lord Take Me To The Sky Put me on That Kite
    put me in Flight To Ignite ill Tear The World Down
    Kill Every Dictating King With 50 Cal Round To his Crown
    As Hes Shot Down Well all Scream as One This is Our World Now.

    Ill Throw Grenades as Myself If i Need To Cause An Explosion
    Ill Make it Rain Ironicly Headed For new Orleans..
    CourtShip Forces With Lines Quick Leave The People Roarin
    Story Book Biblical Babylon Is What Im Holdin
    Lock And Load It Off The Top of The Dome One Shot in The Moment
    Chosen better Yet Worked For Ignore Any One Who Said i Didnt endure More
    Then Most People already chillin in the dirt ward
    in the End You Can Catch Me on The first Floor
    Heaven Entrance happy Enough i Dont Need to see Any more.
    Ill Look Out For You When ur Sad ill Make The Sky Pour
    Just so You Know Ive Been There Too
    We Dont Got Alot of Time So What Should We Do
    I Picked Up The Mic And Listened To The World For Clues.

    RandomRapper Approves This?

  3. BeatMan says:

    Nice guitar, great beat!?

  4. Davis Bray says:

    Sick, decently gunna use this for an edit ;)?

  5. Valentin Jovik says:

    Its Tasty … Like it ?

  6. Jam Beats says:

    Very nice man!!

  7. Andriele Moreau says:

    hey bro ! can i use your song for commercial ??

  8. ThrowbackBeats says:


  9. Ricqy Ultra says:

    So dope. Wish I could do something good with it.?

  10. MexicoCity49 says:

    Perfect Instrumental?

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