Mad World – Gary Jules (Easy Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-302) how to play

In this guitar lesson we’ll check out Mad World, based on the Gary Jules version. Yes, I know I don’t sing it very well, but y’know I have to give it a go cos I think it’ll help you learn it…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Mad World – Gary Jules (Easy Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-302) how to play

  1. Bongo2296 says:

    7:09 Children Of The Dammed?

  2. John Kyle says:

    “Hey, that’s my guitar teacher!” – said the world.?

  3. Tablature Butler says:

    I just love it when something you thought must be very difficult to learn
    turns out to be actually pretty easy. This is the gift of a good teacher –
    and thanks to Justin for breaking this song down in such a way that after
    only a little practice I’ve learned not only a haunting and lovely (albeit
    melancholy) tune, but a deceptively simple yet elegant intro. As a bonus,
    he invites everyone to just play improvised variations that strike one in
    the moment – being given permission to be creative is VERY empowering. He
    makes it all seem like no big deal, when actually it is. Not everyone has a
    clue how to do this – haven’t we all had more teachers than we care to
    remember who made every lesson intimidating and inaccessible? A sincere
    thanks and hearty congratulations from this seemingly eternally
    intermediate student of guitar…?

  4. Michael Preston says:

    You sing great bro! Best tutorial for this song on Youtube! Thank you
    sir!!! :)?

  5. papertin99 says:

    Go on your countries talent show with this song, it will get you far. Our
    talent show is britains got talent or X factor but give it a go boss. ?

  6. Naim Rossetti says:

    Dude please whats its the order to play fingerstyle?

  7. Heather Davies says:

    hehe cool ?

  8. Joseph Wayment says:

    I love his personality – of course I love that he is such a good teacher as
    well – but I truly want to be his best friend every time I watch one of his
    lessons! Lol, call it a man crush I guess. As always, great job Justin (or
    should I say, BFF?), and thanks for all you do for us struggling guitar

  9. MrTriangulo4 says:

    you look like gary jules?

  10. Peter Dransfield says:

    Brilliant tutor it has helped me so much?

  11. Ron Siewert says:

    The best teacher on the net…makes it fun and easily learned. Thanks man.?

  12. cambuurrinse says:

    hello, nice lesson just cant find the intro/outro, i also see alot covers
    of this song some people using other chords at same position?

  13. Brad Johnson says:

    Great stuff justin! I was working up a metal version of this song , was
    looking for some ideas. and bingo first search brought me here. kudos?

  14. Junior Serrano says:

    How can some people give thumbs down? Justin teachs his amazing lessons for
    free. People is odd and lame, sometimes?

  15. kevin smith says:

    your shit cracks me up. i cant sing this song right anymore cause of the
    way you sing it to teach.?

  16. Taja Kraus says:

    Nice song, well explained- but the fingerpicking part is the most difficult
    part for a beginner. and the most intresting I think. Watched the video 5
    times and didn’t get the picking pattern :/?

  17. Severus Sid says:

    I dunno how yo might take it, not deliberately comparing but if I’d have to
    give, 1st shall be Gareth Evans for the kinda tutorials he provides is
    professional details and den I’d give it to this guy, totally awesome. Btw
    Experience speaks of itself!?

  18. izey X says:

    not bad but terrible singing?

  19. Salutatorian says:

    Question: At around 7:50, “the chorus with the little riff…” I can’t
    quite see what he is doing, even after slowing down to half speed. It looks
    like he’s playing Em with fingers 1 and 2, while using fingers 4 and 3 on
    the high E string… but, what strumming pattern is he using and when does
    he make the changes on the high E string. Also, when he goes back to A
    major, it looks like he’s doing some other fancy bit (perhaps to Asus2?).
    Can some one please break this down for me?

    Thanks, and awesome videos Justin! I really appreciate everything that you
    do for the learn-at-home guitar community.?

  20. Kumail Zaidi says:

    Hey Justin !
    I think if you use your 1st finger (on 5th string) and 2nd finger (on 4th
    string) for Em, it will help in chord progression from Em to G. And of
    course then this fingering will help you progress from A to Em as well. In
    the latter case your 2nd finger becomes the anchor finger. Hope this helps
    the beginners :)?

  21. shannon mcfarland says:

    I learned it! I think I’m gonna cry….I love this song so much… thank
    you! You’re a wonderful teacher,great tutorial too!?

  22. Omar Magdy says:

    Very bad that he didn’t explane the picking as well -_-?

  23. Wagner Wain says:

    This guy cracks me up! I think it’s his face, maybe the way he sings or may
    be both.?

  24. Helen Hope says:

    This is soo good. And it’s fun. The last days I went trough a lot of
    tutorials for this song but this one is far the best and I even learned the
    fingerpicking stuff from this tutorial though I’m still a total beginner.
    But it works. A good teacher and a lot of practice makes the difference.
    Thank you!?

  25. Christopher Gonzales says:

    This helped so much. I don’t know any songs at all and I’m close enough to
    try and bring the vocals in. Thank you so much. I’ve re watched this like
    100 times Haha.?

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