Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Acoustic Finger Picking Guitar Lessons

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23 Responses to Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Acoustic Finger Picking Guitar Lessons

  1. 05r13539 says:

    When you play the bit with the F# (the third chord), you need to put your
    third finger on the G string, not the D string. He does it right when he
    plays at the start but then tells us the wrong thing by mistake. I thought
    it sounded bad until I tried moving my finger down and it’s so much better.?

  2. Christine Howell says:

    Thank you soooo much for this! I’ve been struggling with finger placement,
    but this made it all clear! Awesome!?

  3. Logan Finn says:

    I used to hear songs and think they were really easy to play. Then they
    would turn out really difficult. Now I hear songs and think they are really
    difficult, and they turn out very simple, like this one!?

  4. coolflexa says:

    You made it super easy! Love you’re teaching style.?

  5. *balikpapan* says:

    Bum note at 0.14 – the last note before you move to the F chord is C, you
    played B….?

  6. TumbleDwarf says:

    I wondered where the hat was until I realised this wasn’t Marty… it’s not
    the same without the hat.?

  7. Neil Ghosh says:

    I Legit thought it was Marty until he looked up at the beginning…?

  8. Matt Defunkt says:

    Too long winded over 7 mins to do just the intro. Marty get rid of him?

  9. taliwackerz says:

    @1:28 yous rightt?

  10. Stratogig says:

    Sounds like “While Guitar Gently Sleeps””?

  11. mrsatch2007 says:

    you took an intermediate level song and addressed it nice and slow, so a
    beginner could play it with some practice… Nice job ,,/?

  12. gtrfrkkkkk says:

    Thank you.You sound awesome.?

  13. Brian Leeson says:

    Excellent lesson Thanks for that?

  14. Tyler Fields says:

    Much easier to move your first finger from the 6th string to the 2nd on the
    F than it is to bar across the whole fret?

  15. Matt Defunkt says:

    Oops oops oops. This guy is shit?

  16. Chase Ramos says:

    Although on the picking for the second time you do it on the chords,
    there’s only three notes. For instance on the first one you (A minor) do
    the first part and then when you go back up to A, you do only A, the next
    note skip playing the note, being A sharp for that chord?

  17. tyler watson says:

    Can’t believe I just learned that?

  18. Joseph Martin says:

    Can u use a pick?

  19. creepingdeath861 says:

    Very good instructor. Sounded pleasant, although that was just the intro
    into a beautiful melody, the dude is obviously very talented. Can you
    imagine writing things like that??

  20. Milan Pino says:


  21. Liquid bend says:

    very nice lesson ….?

  22. Steviedreadio Him says:

    very COOLIO!?

  23. Strabbs12345 says:

    What happened to this guitar, he never plays it now, sounds awesome ?

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