Joe Satriani “Always With Me, Always With You” At: Guitar Center

The Artist Relations Room at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA was set ablaze when Joe Satriani visited and cranked out a few songs. Fingers cooled, he sat …
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14 Responses to Joe Satriani “Always With Me, Always With You” At: Guitar Center

  1. PowerVoltaire says:

    Ok am I totally wrong or does Satriani look like Voldemort from the Harry
    Potter books and movies????

  2. EricMetalhead says:

    Unlike Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani is such a boring and cliched musician
    it’s kind of painful to listen to him play. Like, what the fuck is up with
    this song? I don’t hear any innovation, it has no soul, it’s bleak.?

  3. Don Xeotruc says:

    That half-step down thing sounds pretty good in Always with me :)?

  4. prem nagarkoti says:

    wow that guitar…love this song…?

  5. Mark Graveson says:

    Guitar wizard Joe Satriani discusses one of my faves, in studio, before
    playing it…AWESOME!?

  6. SuperSaltyFries says:

    Those subtle arpeggios that seem to deliver on throughout, with the
    screaming, epic guitar on top make this song so amazing *AND* make me smile
    *every* time. Freaking love this song.?

  7. James Cutler says:

    He whose’ name shall not be mentioned……?

  8. Matthew Heckman says:

    American dad brought me here ?

  9. William Lobach says:

    That riff has so much emotion to it. ?

  10. Tim Lovell says:

    This is what I call real music not the contrived crap of the x-factor

  11. VipersRealTV . says:

    Love this song. I remember hearing it for the 1st time watching the Top Gun
    Movie around ’86. ?

  12. Corres Nicolas says:

    Satch….the greatest! Amazing. ?

  13. MrSkynip says:

    This man has taught two masters.. Kirk Hammett and Alex Skolnick.?

  14. farid hayden says:

    Joe.. Im waiting in jakarta indonesia?

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