Jake Bugg – Guitar Moves – Episode 7

Click Here Now to Help Guitar Moves Win a Webby Award: http://bit.ly/Vote4Noisey UK singer-songwriter Jake Bugg is only 19 years old, but he’s already carved…

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17 Responses to Jake Bugg – Guitar Moves – Episode 7

  1. Eric Madden says:

    holy fuck 7:20 !?

  2. Jimmy Sticks says:

    It’s a shame his actual albums are so dull, because he’s a great guitar
    player. He was born to late I think.?

  3. chazzy licks says:

    very aggressive lol, kerry king, synyster gates, kirk hammett, james
    hetfield nuff said?

  4. anne yvette says:

    It’s a gibson right??

  5. Moriah Bender says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Jake is high during this interview??

  6. Billie Music says:

    i just learnt that riff đŸ˜® :D?

  7. Nevin Martin says:

    That riff :O so goood?

  8. Corey58MX says:

    what song is the riff at 7:30 from??

  9. Clarise de Ramos says:

    What song was he playing at the end??

  10. Alonso Gavino says:

    11:30 name of the song? ?

  11. XxWHITESIDExX98 says:

    Thats one of the best riffs i have ever heard have to make it into a song ?

  12. whywewc says:

    jake is sick?

  13. Bruna Souza says:

    That song at the end??? Does anybody knows what’s that song called? Shit,
    you should’ve put that entire, that’s just so pretty blowing, man…?

  14. connie matthews says:

    i’m so in love with jake?

  15. Fitra Wardhana says:


  16. André Andrade Diniz Andrade says:

    Canta muito esse moleque

  17. bovisjeaks says:

    Didn’t realise Jake was such a good guitarist. This is a great little

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