I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash (Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-105) How To Play

I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash (Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-105) How To Play

In this very easy beginner song guitar lesson (Stage 1) we’re going to learn a simplified version of Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line. How much fun can you have…
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25 Responses to I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash (Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-105) How To Play

  1. brian stewart says:

    Justin, you’re frickin’ awesome man. You have officially become my six
    string mentor. Making this more enjoyable than ever. High five. Keep on
    keep in’ on.?

  2. Joseph Upali says:

    I learn lots from you Justin, GOD Bless you Sir?

  3. Raphael Brandscheid says:

    Hello Justin, sorry my english is not so good, I’m from Flensburg and did a
    year ago started playing guitar. And thanks to you also learned a lot. I
    just wanted to be just let’s go. Thank you.?

  4. danny dee says:

    I touched base on this video a few days ago…Fiddled with you 15 r 20
    minets.. Sat down tonite for 1hour and 15 min and playn well And even got
    the walk down and up in there a few times.. I found iteasier to crawl b4 I
    start running….?

  5. jpgee19 says:

    I nearly fell asleep during the first 20sec until I found that Justin has
    an amazing way of teaching beginners, intermediate and everyone inbetween
    (during the same lesson) which very few people can do.?

  6. Chad Chadinson says:

    “Because of E i walk the A” lol good song bruh!?

  7. Hey Oh says:

    I love you man… awesome?

  8. Bluegrass Mojo says:

    This don’t sound right without the walkdown bass line, its easy enough
    playing it the right way so why even simplify down anymore? Johnny Cash was
    not the greatest guitarist?

  9. chaseybears says:

    This man has me playin at last…thanks justin?

  10. Matt KnowsThat says:

    Great Lesson, I’m almost there! My wife LOVES the Bob Dylan classic “Don’t
    Think Twice its Alright” but all the chordie sheets and picking patterns
    are really difficult for a beginner. Any chance you can work your magic on
    a simpler version of it for your followers??

  11. goomba008 says:

    Wicked! That really motivated me?

  12. Stevie Bottz says:

    Your amazing so so helpful UnitedSnakesOfAmerica?

  13. Shirley skyhooks says:

    Nice job!?

  14. AllRiseForDrEvil says:

    Good lesson and a perfect song for beginners! Thanks!?

  15. TheGamingChristian says:

    My hands arent big enough to do the alternating bass line D:?

  16. Juan Pablo Maurer says:

    I keep the D out and I get slapped in the face?

  17. dustin spencer says:

    how did you do that little lick in the end??

  18. Broken Perception says:

    I see that Justin uses an acoustic most of the time, I only own an
    electric. Is it okay me me to try these songs whith it? Also could anyone
    recommend some beginner songs? Thankyou in advance! (don’t know how to
    reply) ?

  19. William HultNilsson says:

    Can you make a How to play I got Stripes by Johnny Cash?

  20. Son of a Zombie says:

    Complex version only please! lol It’s more rewarding and authentic.?

  21. Charles Pegrum says:

    i love the use of chords in the lyrics it really help remember when to
    change ?

  22. Ninja Tito says:

    I keep the d out?

  23. Ashlin Karkada says:

    thank you so much :)?

  24. emille mcmillan says:

    The first song don’t really like I’m not saying video wasn’t good?

  25. ALY HAWANA says:

    Hey justin, been watching your course through your web site. Going to
    support soon. Love the way you teach. So happy I stumbled onto your site.
    Cheers from Nyc!!!?

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