How to Play “Wagon Wheel” (Beginner Guitar)

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17 Responses to How to Play “Wagon Wheel” (Beginner Guitar)

  1. Overdafence 14 says:

    Im working on a cover for this song I may or may not post it?

  2. Bernadette Flynn says:

    Your welcome and thanks I think your a brilliant teacher this is coming all
    way from Ireland ?

  3. chris g says:

    great lesson thanks. nice taylor you have there ?

  4. justthathunter says:

    Love the videos! I have learned a lot after just picking up a guitar a few
    weeks ago from watching your videos. Do you have any tips to help with
    practicing my up strumming. One day i will tackle this song and you will
    be to thank! God Bless.?

  5. Overdafence 14 says:

    Thank you so much!!! Because of your teaching I learned my first song!!! ?

  6. Jacob Harris says:

    Hey Matt i have been playing guitar for six months and i believe it is a
    god given talent but ice been practicing and im working on wrightin my
    first song i posted it on YouTube and im trying to get noticed ( Jacob
    Harris playing guitar ) thank u for the lesson ur easy to play along to?

  7. FCDallas33 says:

    Here in college, I don’t usually go to church regularly like i did while at
    home. I really needed this devotional. God bless you, brother.?

  8. Bernadette Flynn says:

    Could you show me how to play who kissing you to night jason aldean please
    and god bless thanks ?

  9. HannahB Lizzy26 says:

    My dad just gave me a squire fender. Its super cute!
    I’m learning to play the guitar he gave me, so I can play him at least one
    song before he dies. I just cut my nails down to nubs so I can play
    better. It feels really weird and my fingers are very tender. How long
    will it take for my fingers not to hurt anymore? And should i give my
    fingers a break or just play through the pain? lol?

  10. Kaleb Hallett says:

    I came to learn about the song and got alot more out of it thanks?

  11. chris g says:

    sounds great on that taylor. great song cant wait to play it on mine when
    it comes lol :)?

  12. Justin Stockle says:

    Ok wow, guitar lesson. Straight to church. ?

  13. Beau Draper says:

    There’s a capo on the second fret, and you really shouldn’t play the chords
    like that if you plan on doing a cover of this song there’s a differance
    between teaching the easy way and the wrong way I would find somebody
    teaching the old crow medicine show version or the Mumford and sons

  14. Jaime Garcia says:

    This…..this is really good great job man?????????????

  15. Levi Hudson says:

    I’m a beginning guitar player meaning I just started today. My first lesson
    is Sunday after church and will only be once a week. Since it’s not a very
    often lesson I’m trying to also self teach myself using YouTube. The way
    you play your chords is really simple compared to the traditional method
    and has really helped me put an actual sound together. The devotional at
    the end of each is also an additional plus. I wanted to thank you for
    giving these easy to follow “lessons” and the added word of God. ?

  16. SoundgardenOnYT says:

    Is this in Drop D or standard tuning??

  17. Roman Hernandez says:

    Just watched your video and would like to say what you do is great..
    Teaching music then captivating in the word of God. Great job.?

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